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Thread: SCLSU MudDawgs Recruiting for war! lvl 44+

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    SCLSU MudDawgs Recruiting for war! lvl 44+

    SCLSU MudDawg - named after the university in the waterboy film. EPIC.

    So far the clan has 14617+ points so far, we are a medium sized clan looking for new members to bolster our clan.

    We do clan wars every other day, and proud to say we have won 36 wars so far.

    We have members of all levels atm from level 44 up to level 96. And we are looking for more members of that level range to join a nice "friendly" clan. So that we can all grow as clan while having a laugh, and dominate in as many wars as possible (and gain some nice loot along the way).

    We are looking for quality players than quantity.

    • Aged 18+ (we really wont be able to tell, so be mature)
    • Must be active.
    • Looking for players level 45+
    • Try your best during wars, to get the most stars.
    • To donate to war preparations as well as normal donations.
    • Be friendly in clan chat.
    • And just enjoy the game with our great crew.

    If our clan interests you, please search our clan in game, and ask for an invitation. We promise you wont be disappointed.
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    Hmm I'll have to push 50 trophies for this.. but for the high level troops I shall do it!

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    New Clan

    Join a new war clan. We want active mature players for war. Search "Crew Dominate" for details.

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