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Thread: [Sign-Up & Info] Forum Elite III

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    Lunar Rising

    Cool [Sign-Up & Info] Forum Elite III

    The hugely successful Forum event is back.
    Come, socialize, compete!

    In short, Forum Elite is a 1 week trophy push, for Forum members, run by Forum members.
    If you've been a member of the Clash Forums in/before May 2014 (last month) then you qualify to participate.
    Our aim, similar to the last event, is to run 3 or 4 clans, depending on interest.

    Forum Elite I reached the Top 60
    Forum Elite II reached the Top 25
    Forum Elite III goal: inside Top 25

    Ryan prepared a very detailed guide last time on what it is and how it works so head on over here for some background and event details. We will be using the same model:

    You can see a detailed post event write-up for Forum Elite II here, including a Highlights Video:

    To get you in the mood.

    We're looking for experienced high level players for the Top Clan. The goal at the end being 45 to 50 Champions League players.
    However Forum Elite is open to anyone on the Forums and we will try to place you in a clan suitable for your level.
    Just reply to this thread and provide the following information (here's mine as an example):

    In-Game Name: Stitch
    Clan Name: Lunar Rising
    XP Level: 122
    TH Level: 10
    TH Defense: TH10 Maxed
    Hero Lvl Total: 80
    Trophy Record: 3,765

    Forum Elite is scheduled from Sunday 20th to Sunday 27th July.
    Any high cup players are welcome to join on Monday 21st July after their clan's season ends.
    Forum Elite is scheduled to end mid-season so should not affect your own clan commitments.

    There is a large team of members working to ensure this is as successful as previous events and you will come to know us all during the event, mainly as Leaders & Co-Leaders of the clans.
    For now signups will be managed by Nick (Nickroge) and final rosters will be selected by Dan (Djemerson13) & Zach (ZachUVA).

    Finally, if you're planning on being part of the event next month show your support on the Forum by using the awesome signature image created by Vilehelm. Just be sure to link it back to this thread.


    SIGN-UPs CLOSED (Continue to Sign-Up and go on the Reserve List):

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    In-Game Name: nickroge
    Clan Name: Avarice Legends
    XP Level: 111
    TH Level: 9
    TH Defense: TH9 Max
    Hero Lvl Total: 36
    Trophy Record: 3250
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    Reserved for Future Use

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    Reserved for Clan Rosters
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    Apr 2013
    In-Game Name: alex
    Clan Name: Ex Elysium
    XP Level: 113
    TH Level: 10
    TH Defense: New th 10
    Hero Lvl Total: 25
    Trophy Record: 2,613 (havent pushed in a long time)
    ign: Alex
    Lvl: 132

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    Find me on Christian Mingle @Phamily Shucks
    IGN: Phamily Shucks
    Clan: DTP
    XP Level: 112
    TH Level: 9 (but soon to be 10 in 12 days)
    TH Defense: Maxed (besides 4 ATs and not full lavas)
    Hero Level Total: Currently 38
    Trophy Record: 3275 (still pushing)
    Phamily Shucks
    Lv 137 TH10
    Enigmatic Chaos

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    Wow Threads awesome.

    In-Game Name: Allybug01
    Clan Name: Lost FmDreams
    XP Level: 85
    TH Level: 8
    TH Defense: Maxed Th8 By Event
    Hero Lvl Total: 5
    Trophy Record: 2475
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    Sign up!

    IGN: Niklas
    lvl: 113
    Clan: None
    Hightest cups: 2937
    Defence player
    go Forum Elite��
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    IGN- Studmuffin
    Clan-lunar Rising
    Lvl- 169
    Max def
    Cup record- 3677
    Lunar Rising. IGN: StudMuffin

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    In-Game Name: Doonta
    Clan Name: Dark sky
    XP Level: 132
    TH Level: 10
    TH Defense: TH10 Maxed
    Hero Lvl Total: 65
    Trophy Record: 3,765

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