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Thread: Lost Village Issue. [SuperCell]

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    Just got our village back, 68 days , thanks to support for restoring my sons pride and joy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12grayclouds View Post
    Just got our village back, 68 days , thanks to support for restoring my sons pride and joy
    Great news!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KL597 View Post
    Great news!
    now im waiting reply from supercell, lost village

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamang014 View Post
    now im waiting reply from supercell, lost village
    its possible i can get back my id? my coc id game not link with game centre..i lost my village when log in game centre and accidently loading other id register with game centre...anyone, can help me

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    Wow those are horrible stats on the poll results. I've heard tech support was bad on returning responses, but damn. Shame on you Supercell. You've probably grossed more money from this single game than anyone ever has from any game before it, and I'm sure your trying to help to whatever degree, but the level of tech support should mirror how much money you receive from your client base. I love this game, don't get me wrong, but as the saying goes, might doesn't make right. Just because a few people are miniscule in the grand scheme of things, doesn't mean they should be ignored for extended periods of time. To say the least, someone from your team should take a moment to address threads like these and not simply ignore it. Even a simple "we are doing the best we can", and give a rough approximation as to how long it could take to address these concerns or any concern. You've given us an outstanding game, but i think the world has paid you handsomely for you to take a moment, and not leave the individuals which need your assistance just pending because you are too busy attending to other matters. From the sound of how much the company makes, if you cannot attend to each individual with your current staff, as business owners you should expand to hire more customer service representatives, if for nothing else, than to appease the masses with a relatively reasonable response time. Lord knows you can afford it.

    Who would be the CEO of Supercell? Because that is who these grievances really need to be going to.

    I had to edit. Well no wonder there backlogged. From every bit of research i did. There have been approximately 150 to 200 employees working for Supercell. Generously, compare that to the millions and millions of players worldwide. No wonder the response time is horrible. Supercell needs to expand, that's usually what happens when any company breaks through with soaring bottom lines, they expand, and we all know supercell can afford it.
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