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Thread: LVL 11 somewhat inactive clan - what would you do?

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    LVL 11 somewhat inactive clan - what would you do?

    I'm the leader of a lvl 11 clan.

    We have 33 members, but most are opted out of war, so it's harder and harder to get a war going these days.

    No one chats in the clan chat, but there are requests that do get filled promptly.

    How do we get more people to come, stay, and play?

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    In my experience, you have to merge. If you can't start a war and the chat is dead, new members won't want to stick around. If you can't get new members to stick around, your situation won't improve.

    I was in your shoes a few months ago, and we were actually looking to merge into another clan. It worked out that they joined us, but I think we're the exception. Merges are hard to pull off, especially since everyone wants to absorb the other clan.
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    We are a level 13 clan, most of time we are full. We can always get 15-20 war, but the clan is very quite and no much chat either. It does make the game a little boring at some stage. I am thinking to replace those silent people slowly by new guys. If you are interested to merge into our clan, please pm me.

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    I feel ur pain. Only u can make the decision. U can bring it back but it takes a lot of work. If u do think about merging. We have had a few clans merge into us over time, it has worked well in the past. We currently war with 20-25 but would like some bigger wars if u fancy bringing ur active guys

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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    This happens so often.

    There is no reason to say anything because no one else did. You would look like a fool it seems.

    But then there is not as much reason to check in, so people check in less often.

    Cycle then gets worse and worse.

    You need a dynamo in there. Oh they are rare, but they exist. (sadly most seem to be female, but I have known some exceptions, and besides, gamergirlie is ALWAYS a girl right?)

    When you have a chatter in the clan - someone that just keeps jabbering, you give people a reason to check in to see what is going on. the chatter gets people talking - and I don't mean the little kid that just posts emojis endlessly.

    But someone that always wants to know what everyone is doing.
    Asks for challenges often.
    makes unique troop requests.
    Says thank you in bizarre ways
    shares what just happened in global

    now, not to the point of spamming chat - no no no

    one person just endlessly babbling is awful.

    but you need a clasher that stirs the cesspool a bit.

    its my only real clash ability, I am an average attacker I think (though I am on a RUN since my heroes are nearly 20/20), but I can chat em up when the room is dead.

    Find one. Global? Forums? But if you want your clan to survive, you need a chatty soul to move clan chat a bit.
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