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    Explanation of Hay Day Slang, Abbeviations, and Terminology

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but I couldn't find this info posted up anywhere else and someone was requesting the information so I figured I'd start a thread and try to compile it myself.

    BB: Boom Beach.
    BC: Beach Cafe.
    BBQ: Barbeque.
    B&E: Bacon and Eggs
    BEM: Barn Expansion Material. (in-game called upgrade materials)
    BNB: Bed and Breakfast.
    BP: Base price, AKA default price (amount automatically assigned to an item being sold).
    BRT: Big Red Tractor.
    B S: Brown Sugar.
    BSH: Boat Score Hunter achievement.
    BTW: By the way
    BWM: Bear with me.
    C: Cinema.
    CMTS: Come to my Shop.
    CoC: Clash of Clans.
    CR: Clash Royale.
    D: Diner.
    DD: Daily Dirt, otherwise known as the newspaper.
    EM: Expansion Material (includes: BEM/LEM/SEM/TEM).
    FB: Facebook.
    FBS: Full Barn Syndrome.
    FP: Full price, AKA max price (charge the highest price possible when selling).
    G: Grocery.
    GB: Gingerbread People. (Farmers with no avatar visible).
    GC: Game Center.
    GP: Gold pieces (coins)
    GTMF: Go to my Farm.
    HD: Hay Day.
    IALNH: I am looking for a neighborhood
    IRL: In real life.
    Kik: The name of a mobile messaging application. It is used for instant messaging.
    LEM: Land Expansion Material.
    LINE IM: an app like Kik, but more advanced.
    Lvl: Level.
    NBO: Next Boat Order.
    NH: Neighborhood
    NP: No problem.
    OMW: On my way.
    OP: Original Poster/Opening Poster (the forumer who has started a thread) and can also mean opening post
    PC: Personal chat (via KIK, LINE, or FB).
    PF: Platform (train platform).
    PNR: Post and Run (not staying around to chat).
    POF/POS: Pearl of the Sea.
    PT: Personal Train.
    Req: Required.
    RSS: Road Side Shop.
    RT: Regular Train.
    S: Spa.
    SC: Supercell.
    SEM: Silo Expansion Material. (in-game called upgrade materials)
    TEM: Town Expansion Material.
    TH: Town Hall.
    TP: Town-people (visitors that come by train) AKA townies.
    TPS: As above, but waiting for pickup.
    TT: Turbo Trucker achievement.
    UBF: Ugly Boy Fountain.
    Wheating: The act of planting all your fields with wheat or another crop to bring up your actions per minute in order to find more rare items.
    WOF: Wheel of Fortune (daily prize wheel).
    WS: White Sugar.
    WU: Wheat up (AKA come to my rss).
    XP: experience points used to level up.

    Please feel free to mention any I missed. If I come back, I'll try to add them. Thanks.
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