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Thread: [GUIDE] How to build and run your own clan successfully (NOW COMPLETED)

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    WOW! nice guide, to bad I dont lead a clan anymore. Way to much work, lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeputyDonkey View Post
    And yet yet another type: The WAR HOPPER. This would be someone who joins, waits for war and either doesn't attack in war, attacks, fails and leaves durring war or is someone who on prep day will leave a base designed to be easily defeated by enemy clan and leave when war starts. There should be a loot tax against players like that.
    Just happened to me..infuriating. Make sure to close your clan once you go to war...lesson learned.

    I can't wait to beat them, then join their clan to talk smack and rub it in.

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    Great thread! This really makes me want to make a clan! But...

    1. I don't have enough patience (I could bear through it)
    2. Town Hall 8 isn't really considered a strong leader
    3. I have high requirements, even from the beginning
    4. Im not sure if I could gather enough people to start a clan.
    5. Unique clan names are hard to think of

    Of course, if I truly wanted to make a successful clan I could bear with it. Back in my nooby days I ran a successful clan, but was weak to good players asking for power. My clan was inevitably swept away in less than 5 minutes. Learned that one the hard way.

    Plus I enforce mandatory probe scans.
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    Great Guide

    Saltin thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am building my clan as we speak and you and some others peoples threads have been extremely useful. Again Thanks!

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    Great Guide

    This is a great guide. Most of my questions are answered, though I may still have a few but I'll reserve it on the other threads good work!
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    My clan

    Hi Saltin, I was just wondering whether you can give me some advice.My clan keeps losing clan wars and one by one members are quitting. Second problem, in clan wars if I request for Dragon,then people will donate me lv3 wizards and it will end up disastrous for my defense. Can you help me? Thanks for taking your time to answer my problem!😃

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    Very informative and a nice read. We recently started a sister/feeder clan, of which I am now in charge of and I'm trying to recruit with minimal luck. Found a few suggestions/ tactics throughout that I hadn't considered or had thought to be redundant, and I'm hoping to try out a few as soon as I can.. Thank you for taking the time to do this guide..

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    Hi and good job, Saltin!

    I've watched this thread before, and the situation now makes me feel to read this again.

    I've started a clan a month ago, and it WAS going well but still we only have 10 members. Things are still ok until when we started to lose clan war. We lose almost every war every 2 days, and the worst thing happened: our most loyal and active co-leader left for no reasons, making clan wars even worse. I start to lose more and more members, even the first members I had and even my irl friends! We dropped to 8 members in 48 hours and all that leftQ are not very active.

    I don't know what to do. Plz help me! Thx


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    Join my clan Are name is Gold Rushers

    Join I need help to make my clan better join plz

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    Should be mandatory to read this

    Very nice ..concise, clear cut guide that should be mandatory reading before you can start a clan.

    I have been a leader for two clans for well over a year and this would have been extremely helpful when starting out, it's a good reminder to read it now. Thanks for the guide, very nice job.

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