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Thread: [GUIDE] How to build and run your own clan successfully (NOW COMPLETED)

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    Great Guide

    Thanks for the guide, can you tell how to improve my clan recruitment page.
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    You wasted your time reading this
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    bad tip! if you lure the cc before the main attack, they can start attacking you pekkas even sooner

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    Looks good! I'm glad that this is finally completed, you've put a lot of thought and effort into this! Great job,
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    by the way, who had success build a clan in COC? please try war with my clan Gms Workshop

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    Awesome explanation, I'm going to put this on my favorites and use the guide add my clan grows. Sjogren's Society thanks you :-)

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    Ok so 8 days ago, me and 2 of my IRL friends made a clan called Navy Blue Crew. We have grown so now we have 20 members. Recently in the past day, we have went through a phase where many people are joining and leaving. So far 15-20 people have done it to us in the past 16 hours. I think it is because once your clan reaches a certain amount of members, it can show up on the clan castle of a person without a clan, but I am not 100% sure. Why is this happening? How can it be stopped?

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    Thank you

    This thread is excellent. I've been toying with the idea of making a feeder clan for my regular clan and bringing in junior clashers and help them build themselves up, and then send them on their way. So thank you very much for this!

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    Just wanted to give my props for a great guide. It's appreciated that you took the time and shared your knowledge to us noobs.
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    Hi i'm looking for an app that could register our clan match history: you suggest clan wars assist but i don't understand how i can see the register of war on that app.

    Can someone please explain that?

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    Glad it helped everyone!
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    I don't know, where the hell am I? I don't even have an idea
    I read 95% of this, other 5% was skim reading but overall I think that this is great! There is yet another way tho to invite new clan mates and that is by inviting people thru the league leaderboards. Other than that, this is legit and I love it

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