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    Thumbs Up Hay Day Tutorial: How to connect to Facebook!

    If you have trouble to connect to Facebook on your iOS or Android device, please check out this tutorial video which explains in detail how to do it properly! We hope it helps!

    If you have any additional ideas & suggestions which are not covered in the video, please post them in this thread!!


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    i still cant login on facebook on android

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    Been kicked out when tried to log in to facebook through hay day

    Im already tried for many times and my facebook friends still doesn't appear. Please help...

    Im from malaysia, using samsung tablet 2.0

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    I cant still connect

    While I clicking on connect it don't do any thing

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    Application gets in vibration mode after clicking on sign in facebook

    Even after following the steps shared on the video, not able to login into facebook and add new friends. the application gets in vibration mode after clicking on sign in facebook.

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    Unable to connect.

    I followed the steps, still unable to connect to facebook. I am able to connect to FB, before the last update. May be the update doing the prblm. Please fix ASAP

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    may be this the problem

    I had done many time remove and add account. As in video. Even remove programme from Facebook and the connect. But still can't connect to Facebook. But may be this is the problem. I have Z1 sony.
    When I add account and then start Hay Day. And the connect to Facebook I as for agree I accept. I show loading circul but nothing happens. When I go to Facebook and see Hay Day it is in my private list not in public.
    It do not get public even if I accept or agree.

    Pls check.

    Add me friends.

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    facebook problem

    I am use all trips but not connect to facebook plz plz plz help and solve this problem

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    facebook still does not connect

    Is there a bug regarding this.. because I can still use the roadside shop, I can still use the newspaper but it still shows sign in to fscebook when I go to settings. And everytime I try to access the roadside shop or newspaper it asks me to log in to facebook but when I click on theclise button it still allows me to access both. I already tried to remove and re-install facebook and messenger but still getting me the same error.

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    Can't login... It's been a year

    Hi guys I'd raise Dan issue about it a year ago and the common solution doesn't work at all... I'm now at level 30 and cannot really enjoy this game because I can't connect to fb. Why have you made that the only way to connect to friends? Especially when it is so troublesome. So Amy games provide the option of using Google account, atleast make that possible... It looks like the fb login bug will never be resolved or doesn't hold th at kuch importance... Find some other way for us to connect to friends.... I am now losing in my goals because of this...

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