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    Question Suddenly missing my friends from facebook!


    Why can all my friends disappere?

    Facebook is still connected!
    Restart the app, does not help.
    Have the same problem om my tablet and my phone.

    Kind regards

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    cannot to login with Facebook

    I have tried all possible solutions but still cannot seem to connect with Facebook. I am at level 62 and it seems difficult to proceed without it.i see a lot if complaints regarding this but supercell doesn't seem to take up this problem seriously or rather at all.i request you guys again to pleaseeeeee consider it and help us out.i am using an android note 3duo please please help.
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    Cant able to connect

    I tried to connect facebook as shown in the video tutorial, but still its not connecting. Need help pls. I am using Samsung tab 3 android device
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    I couldn't connect to facebook for a long time. Then I tried many clicks on "Connect" button, and YAHOO!! It had connected.
    I think, the problem is at the Threads. The method, which connect to Facebook, must be Synchronized.
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    Facebook Disconnected

    Unable to connect even after force stop and add remove account from settings...Any other method....

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    still unable to connect with facebook

    I have tried every method suggested on most of the forums, but still i am unable to connect to facebook. Please fix the issue as soon as possible as i have started loosing interest in the game.

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    my facebook h.a.c.ked and now want to move it to the new facebook hayday to how?

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    can't connect facebook

    I can't connect Facebook

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    Use puffin browser to connect hayday with facebook

    Dear hayday friends,please follow the steps below to connect ur hayday with facebaook.
    1. download the puffin browser app on your Android device.
    2.go to device settings and remove your facebook account from the device.
    3. Now open the puffin browser and open and login to ur account.
    4. Now without closing the puffin browser. Open hayday and try connecting to facebook.

    5. I guess u r connected now
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    Try to connect using puffin browser. U can find this browser in Google play store. I am able to connect FB through puffin browser.

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