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Thread: AimForNuts vs HopeItHelps Journey - Who will win?

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    AimForNuts vs HopeItHelps Journey - Who will win?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums so I'll do a brief presentation about myself. I'm a 23y old portuguese guy that among other things like to play Clash of Clans

    I've been playing for 4/5 months now and after understanding how the game works I decided to start another account for troop donations.

    So after 2 months on a clan that was mostly from the US and made donations harder for me I decided to start a new account where I would rush to TH10 and would max the troops I used to donate. I had to change the clan where I was cause of that but now I'm settled in a new clan that welcomes my idea. At first the only goal was to get max troops but after seeing how fast my account was moving up I realized I would do a test....I'm here to share that with you guys.

    My first account is still TH7 and I'm maxing everything out before I move on, my second account is a rushed TH10(took 50days to get to TH10).
    I will share with you guys my thoughts on what is happening and on what I will do next. I want to cover a lot of points on this journey so stay tuned

    First of accounts:
    AimForNuts - TH7 - 4 builders

    HopeItHelps - TH10 - 5 builders

    I don't want your opinion on how bad it is rushing but on what should be the next step on both accounts or what you think of my next move...

    Now I'll divide this journey into 2(name of the accounts)


    Nothing to think about in here...all my offensive structures are maxed out, one archer tower and 2 canoons left to max all the deffensive buildings and I'm maxing out collectores and mines. My BK is going to level 4 and I'll get it to lvl 5 before I upgrade my TH.

    Well now this is where it gets interesting! As you can see my base is rushed as hell...I'm even surprised that such an organized clan received me. But I'm glad they did and I'm not here to let them down! Just one thing I don't go to wars with this account.

    Now about the account, I wont focus on royals right now since I have other goals. The main goal is to get max troops. Barch first since is the attack I use the most for looting. I'm placing all the buildings to finish my base and for now I'm missing 3 teslas, 1 inferno and 1 x-bow!

    This is it for now!
    I'll try to update every week with my experiences and what I think about the different ways of upgrading one account.

    I'll try to go with the following pattern:
    - Main Development: What buildings and researches I started/finished;
    - Looting: What league I farmed on and a balance on my looting. I'll try to go into different ranges of leagues to do this, especially on the TH10 account;
    - Plan for the next week: self-explanatory I think;
    - Discussion: Where I'll discuss with you guys your thoughts about this experience.

    Feel free to comment, give advices, ideas for me to do and even share your own experience!

    Thanks for reading all and sry for the long post
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    Looks cool so far. How's the loot at TH10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uRager View Post
    Looks cool so far. How's the loot at TH10?
    Thanks! Well right now I'm pushing to master(150 trophies away as we speak) and I'll start from there. But so far I've managed to loot just fine. Since everything takes longer to finish it gives you more time to build...

    Forgot to mention that I'll try to update this thread every Sunday or Monday.

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    Neat Idea

    Nice idea mate, but I think the thread would be easier to read if you inserted the images into the thread instead of giving links.

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    Thanks for the advice! It's been a while since my last post on a forum.

    Should I post the buildings list?

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    I'm not against your idea but you should've at least maxed your barch before moving on...
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    I'm working on it as we speak! And in 2 days just by trophy pushing I've farmed 6M elixir...I went from g1 to c1(like 15 trophies away from m3). And I wanted to see if it was hard or even impossible to farm with low level barch as a TH10

    Edit: Made it to Masters 3! Will try to push a bit more and see when I start losing gold.
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    Good Luck dude. A Long Journey is waiting for you.
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    Thanks buddy! Hope you like what I share here

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    Week 2


    Main Development
    No major improvements! WB research on is way to finish, goblins, minions and hogs left.
    Upgraded all gold mines to level 8 or higher and worked on some collectors.

    I'm on holidays and my iPod is with some sort of problem
    getting a decent wifi connection...since I use my iPod for AimForNuts account I'm just using war loot and what I collect from mines and collectors during the day.

    Plan for the next week
    Research level 4 Goblins and start on Minions.
    Max my last archer tower and my last cannon(both 1 level away from max) and start on maxing my gold mines.


    Main Development
    Well here he had some major improvements! I climbed the most I could then I started to lose too much gold. Anyway some major achievements this week!!!!
    Maxed my lab and started last barbarian research, got to Master 3, got my AQ to level 3 and finished my first maxed army camp.

    Gotta say I haven't find my spot yet...tried to farm on master 3 and wasn't very sucessfull(as I expected) and went to gold 3 and the loot was ok but nothing like I wanted.

    Experience in Masters 3: Couldn't get loot at all...was using full barch sometimes with heroes but was not worth it!!! Lost more than what I could get. Will try with max barch later.

    Experience in Gold 3: I could get most outside of all bases but Can only get around 100k/200k per raid. Sometimes my troops get owned and I only get around 50k. Was better but still looking if I can get a better spot.

    Will post my experience in other leagues. Will try to post some screens too!

    Plan for the next week
    Well I work really hard on getting to at least start on my last inferno and x-bow! Will certainly do my last tesla.
    Apart from that I'll get one of my dark barracks to max level now and will work on my dark elixir storage so I can constantly upgrade my royals. If I find a sweeter league to farm I'll start upgrading my next army camp
    if not I'll just upgrade my normal barracks to max level.
    Wont do much about my researches since my barbarians are 12days away from finishing and I don't want to gem them.

    IF and this is a really big IF i farm enough gold for all my deffenses and still manage to farm 500k more before next week I will also start to upgrade my clan castle.

    For now I have to say that it's been a pretty hard week for my TH7 and it's been a week of glory for my rushed TH10. Though I feel harder times will come.

    By the way guys if you feel like checking both my bases search for GodsAmngMen. You'll find me there.

    Thanks and share your thoughts with us..

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