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Thread: A farming strategy

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    A farming strategy

    (sorry I didn't know how to upload pictures, it always says invalid file, got any tips?)

    A lot of people have heard about this tactic called "Farming". What exactly is farming? That's what I'm here for. To teach you about farming and a strategy I use.

    Farming is when you don't care about trophies and just go for the loot. A lot of people drop trophies on purpose to get to lower leagues, and therefore, more loot since the bases are much easier. People farming also tend to put they're town hall out, so they could get potentially get attacked by a lower level player and receive a shield before a higher lvl player reaches their base and takes all the loot.

    The army composition I use is 5-10 wall breakers, about 1/4 archers, a few giants, and the rest goblins. The gobs are good for taking out mines/pumps since they do double damage on them. The archers are for defenses or resources behind walls, and to pick off a few extra buildings to get 50% if you want to. The giants are for distractions, since they can take a lot of damage, for the wall breakers to do their work before they get shot down, or for the gobs to slip in and take a couple collectors out. This composition allows you to get a lot of loot and is very cheap in return.

    My strategy is to look for people that haven't been online in a while, so their resources are in their mines and pumps. In a full high lvl mine/pump there will be lots of resources, so it's well worth it. The way you can tell if it's a good base to attack is to see if the mines/pumps are full and you see there's less resources in the storages, there's a lot of obstacles, and gravestones near the base.

    Then when you find the base, I would look around and scout it to see where to deploy the troops and where are the collectors, hopefully not next to splash damage defenses. Then, you would take the resources, and if heavily guarded, send in a giant or two to distract. After you take all the mines/pumps then determine if you want to get the storages. If there's a lot of loot, then it might be worth it, it also depends how guarded they are, since you're not going to spend a who army just for 50k gold. Lastly, you would use the archers to snipe some buildings out of range to get 50% if you want to.
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