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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 7)

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    Jun 2014

    Trade food for sem

    Kik me with what food you want and your SEM offer.

    Level 43

    Kik: ddn3f
    Last edited by ddn3f; July 23rd, 2014 at 11:50 PM.

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    Sep 2013

    i need bolts

    Have Maps, nails, deeds, panels, stone block, paints, bricks

    kik me help me.. thz
    GC - Jedicanton
    Kik - Jedicanton
    Level 62

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    Jun 2014
    My tape for planks

    My panels/screws for nails

    My mallets for deeds

    All 1:1

    kik for fast response
    kik: aubenoire
    Trade via: Facebook only (using android)

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    I need 10 panels

    My 10 nails for your 10 panels

    Kik me: Mireles83
    Sorry no Facebook

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    Mar 2014
    Want to trade my 10 tar and 10 stone blocks
    for 6 nails and 12 panels
    Also 3 silver bars for 2 platinum bars
    Partial grade is welcome
    Please kik me: agentpeople
    I use GC
    Last edited by agentpeople; July 24th, 2014 at 12:45 AM.
    kik: agentpeople
    I use Game Center and follow method
    Follow method uses your farm unique ID and iOS user can visit it by ID,
    it doesn't require GC/FB/NH connection at all

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    Mar 2014

    Looking for panels, nails, bem and maps

    Looking for maps, bem, panels and nails.

    For BEM, will trade:
    Bricks, drills, hammers, paint, deeds 1:1
    Stone, tar: 4:1
    Screws: 2:1

    For Nails or Panels, will trade
    Bricks, drills, hammers, paint, deeds 2:5
    Stone, tar: 2:1
    Screws: 1:1

    For Maps, will trade
    Bricks, drills, hammers, paint 1:1
    Deeds: 2:1
    Stone, tar, screws: 4:1
    Level 104
    Android, so FB only:
    kik: thornarm

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    Trade with me!

    I have 60 screws I would like to trade for nails and panels. 4 yours: 5 mine

    I have planks to trade for bolts. 1:1

    I have a couple coal to trade for iron. 1:1

    I can sweeten any deal with some sugar! Your choice brown or white!

    Small trades welcome!

    Kik, GC, HD: Kidc0uch

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    Jan 2014

    30 Nails Needed

    I have 30 screws.
    I need 30 nails.

    Ratio 1:1

    GC only. Kik for fast reply.
    Level: 76 | GC: heavlyn | Kik: heavlyn | Achievements 120/129

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    Feb 2014

    I have 35 saws

    I need planks, make me a good offer

    Kik. Fatmatx28

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    I have 10 nails, 10 bolts, and 10 duct tapes

    I need 10 planks and/or 10 wood panels. 1:1 trade ratio.

    GC is Hoosi3rFarm3r. Level 64. Farm name is Follow for Cheap Wheat.

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