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Thread: TRADE-Expansion-Mining-Items-Saws-Axes here (part 7)

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    Trade Tapes and Tem for Planks

    I have 15 tapes for 15 planks.
    6 paint buckets for 12 planks
    Drills, bricks, blocks, hammers for planks: ratio 1:1
    Maps for bolts: ratio 1:1

    Kik: boxbuster2


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    Quote Originally Posted by Biancasmom View Post
    I have:
    diamond rings
    tar buckets
    soy sauce
    all sugars

    I need:
    ​still trading...
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    ​I am unable to trade with Android users unless you join my hood. I do not have FB.

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    TEMs for your BEMs

    I have:

    19 paint buckets
    15 hammers
    5 bricks

    To trade for your BEMs (any), in 1:1

    Kik: sidyll
    Game Center only; no Facebook, sorry

    Thank you!

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    Trade completed
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    12 tapes for 10 bolts or 10 planks

    trade my 12 tapes for 10 bolts or 10 planks


    kik: hedgehogp

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    I have 30 duct tapes and I need 30 planks.

    GC is Hoosi3rFarm3r. Farm name is Follow for Cheap Wheat. Level 64.

    Edit: I can also trade 30 bolts instead of duct tapes.
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    Expansion Materials Needed!!!

    Im in need of Expansion Materials. Mostly Marker Stakes and Land Deeds, but I'll take Mallets for future expansions. I only have a total 19k coins, so I cannot buy at max prices if we are trading large amounts so Im willing to trade at default or less.

    I Have
    -25 Wooden Panels
    -20 Nails
    -15 Tape
    -10 Bolts

    Please let me know if you're willing to trade(:
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    Trading for diamond rings (I sell at max, rings at 1) (m:y)

    tapes (1:4)
    screws/panels (1:2)

    Fb or NH trade

    Kik: paperroller88

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karazen View Post
    1.Need planks and bolts ... Have stone blocks, screws, paint buckets, panels, tar buckets, hammers, land deeds, markers, maps, mallets, food products ...

    2. trading my screws for your nails

    kik me your offer and ratio ... thanks
    still trading
    Kik: Karazen ... with your offer and ratio

    Max price

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    I sell

    - Stone Block Hammer and Tar Bucket for Bem 1:1 (mine:yours)
    - Maps for Bem 1:2

    - Stone Block Hammer and Tar Bucket for Sem 1:2 (mine:yours)
    - Maps for Sem 1:4

    - Stone Blocks for
    Hand drills, Bricks or Paint Buckets 1:1

    - Maps for Hand drills, Bricks or Paint Buckets 1:2

    - 40 Shovels for 20 tapes or other Bem.

    kik BruclaElrai
    Started on 15th February 2014
    Level 89 Barn 3700 Silo 3500
    Working for Catalonia become a Nation, separate from Spain

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