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Thread: Clash of Clans Army Planner - Barracks Distribution, Army Cost/Stats, Loot Calculator

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    Clash of Clans Army Planner - Barracks Distribution, Army Cost/Stats, Loot Calculator

    Introducing the new and improved layout for the Clash of Clans Army Planner. With this site you can do the following:
    -Get the most out of your barracks by distributing your troops for the quickest training times.
    -Know how much elixir and dark elixir your army composition costs so you can be sure to pick the right raids
    -Analyze your troop's statistics: Total HP, Average HP, Total DPS/DPA, Average DPS/DPA by unit, Average DPS/DPA by housing space.
    -Share your army with others on the forum with the bbcode generator!
    -Calculate how much of your loot can be raided or how much loot you can raid from others! This calculator takes into consideration the revised loot calculation that can be found in more detail here.

    Have a comment, question, problem, or suggestion? Feel free to respond here or PM me with the details, I'm always trying to improve the site.

    Note: if you preferred the old layout don't worry, it is still available, just look for the message at the top of the screen!

    How to use the site:

    Barracks Distribution/Troop Cost/Troop Statistics

    Regular Troops:

    1. Select the level of your barracks and enter the total capacity of your army camps

    2. Select the level of your troops and quantity of each you would like

    3. As you make your selection the site will calculate in real time:
    • the army camp space available
    • the elixir cost
    • the most efficient distribution of troops across your barracks

    Dark Troops:
    The same process is done for the Dark Troops, the available army camp space is shared across both types of troops so you can know how much space you have left to queue up! Just like the regular troops your dark troops will be distributed over your available Dark Barracks in the most efficient way.

    Much like the regular and dark troops you will select the level of each of your spells and the quantity you wish to create, this will give you the total elixir cost and time to cook the spells.

    Army Statistics:
    Once you have selected your army you can examine their stats! This can give you a sense of the overall strength of your army: what is the total HP, potential DPS/DPA:

    Share your composition!:
    To share your army on the forum click the 'Share Army' button and just copy the results it shows and paste them into a post to get something like this:
    4 4 12 12 4 2 1 1 2 1 401,800 1,200 01:15:45

    Available Loot Calculator
    Use the Revenge Stalkulator to know how much you can look from that guy who is always on a shield and never seems to log off. Or use it to calculate how much loot can be taken from you!

    1. Select the level of detail you would like to enter:
    • Enter Totals: This assumes everything is in the storages (plus 1,000 from the town hall). Select this if you aren't worried about what is in the collectors.
    • Enter Storage and Collector Totals: With this option you can enter one number for the collectors and one for the storages (this is the most useful in my opinion).
    • Enter Details: Use this option if you want the most exact number! Enter the amount for each individual collector and storage.

    2. Select the Attacking Town Hall level and the Defending Town Hall level, this will determine the bonus/penalty percentage that will be applied.
    3. Enter in the required information for the collectors and storages that apply.
    4. Press calculate and see the available loot!

    If you want to know all the details of how this calculation is performed you can find them here.
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    Awesome - really well laid out
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    Wow, very nicely done again Tim. Just keeps getting better.

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    Joke, it's better than ever

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    Have not used before-- will now for sure. Thank you so much!!!!

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    A+, Tim. Brilliant.

    Illustris the Fan-Witch

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    Sheesh! Well done!
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    Thanks for all the words of support everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by Junliang View Post
    *Jun here to support Tim*

    I'm using it too !
    Hehe, I know you'll be clicking the "old style link" Ill try and get the dark barracks distribution into the old style for y this weekend
    IGN: Tim || TH: LVL10 || Trophy Range: 1900 - 2100
    Try my troop calculator, barracks distributor, and available loot calculator: Clashing Tools

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    That is very cool, Tim the Pimp. Must have taken quite some time and efforts. Great job!

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