Hi all,

We added a new Forum Rule the other day, which I think everyone should be aware of:
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17. Staff members and moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.
Toxic behaviour can rear its ugly head in many ways, but here are a few things that we would consider to be toxic:

- Insulting other people or their views
- Intentionally derailing a thread with off-topic or negative comments
- Being a jerk, repeatedly (we're all human and have our bad days, but if every day is a bad day, we might have a problem!)

First of all, let me be super clear: This is not a rule to prevent complaints, concerns, opposing or negative views. The intention of this rule is to try and make our forums a nicer place for everyone.

In my opinion, it is entirely possible to have a meaningful discussion, full of opposing opinions, without ever having to be nasty to one another.

So please, by all means, keep bringing up your concerns about our games or the pain points you're hitting - this is a big part of why the forums exist and also why we value them so highly - the other part being to collect and foster an awesome community of like-minded gamers!


TL;DR - Don't be a jerk and we'll get along just fine!