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Thread: A Barrage of Beginner Questions :)

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    A Barrage of Beginner Questions :)

    Hey guys,

    I just started playing about a week ago, still learning the game but I've already had a pretty big knowledge spike from reading the forums (e.g. Use RSS often, unlock production mills asap, use hayday wiki for crop/product prices, visit people for mystery boxes etc)

    Some questions I had were:

    1) What do you spend gems on?

    Other than accidentally speeding up crop production (sigh....) I've actually used my diamonds to get some materials for expanding my barn/silo, and increasing the number of slots in my production mills. Not sure if they were the best uses, but I'm so clumsy that if I hadn't spent them on expansions, all of my diamonds would have went to speeding up crops.....

    2) Tom?

    I'm half-heartedly asking about this because I haven't unlocked mines yet, which is what most people seem to be using him for, so I probably won't know what you guys are talking about. I haven't used his free trial thing yet, where they first introduce Tom to you, and they tell you to talk to him; so I hope that' ll help me get to know him a bit better

    3) Leveling

    I'm currently 21, have unlocked the boat orders, and have all of my production facilities built. I was wondering if it's recommended to rush to level 24 (mine), 27 (fishing boat) or 29 (neighborhood), and if so, what is the best way to get exp? (farming wheat 24/7, truck/boat orders?)

    4) Vouchers?

    What are the best ways to get them? I already browse through my friends list but the boat orders I encounter require stuff like strawberry jam, which requires level 34 or some other number out of my range. I WOULD like a doggy

    5) Neighborhood

    Would anyone be interested in letting me join theirs once I hit 29? It may take 1-3 weeks because I have finals soon, but I'll definitely hit it soon

    6) Gamecenter - Mangobun

    Add me! I would love to help, be helped, learn and make friends!

    I'm also a clasher at heart, so feel free to add me for that too! (TH9, 460 mil GG, AQ 13, BK 16, ~2680 max trophies, $0 spent ever)

    Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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    1. Increasing production slots on machines or if I feel like it hiring Tom. Very rarely on extra expansion items usually is only need one and haven't seen it in a couple of days. I never use them to speed up production.

    2. When I use him it is usually for spades, saws, axes, TNT, dynamite and diamond rings. Sometimes I will use him for items and generally for the ones that take a very long time to produce.

    3. Slow and steady for leveling as you will need quite a but of gold for the machines as you get higher up in levels.

    4. Sending off boats and jewelry orders on your personal board. Aws you are not upto that yet then boat orders will give you vouchers.

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    5. This thread is great for seeking a neighborhood to join:

    6. Check out this thread dedicated solely to GC friend requests:

    In case you missed it, here is a great wealth of information on all things Hay Day.

    Happy Farming!
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    great questions, great answers, i wonder who else this has helped
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    I use diamonds on Tom mostly now ... I opened up 5 slots for every production building too, minus the Jewler for which I only have 3.

    Tom is awesome ... He helps the most with boat orders (8 raspberry jams anyone?) and now, in the Town. I never run out of any item. I try to wait to buy diamonds when the deals pop up, then I buy Tom.

    As far as LEMs. If you find a good neighborhood, your neighbors will help. One of my neighbors sold me 20 land deeds for 2 coins to help. Now that I'm done expanding I've collected 50 myself. You can message me when your level 29. I will send you my neighborhood name. It's the best! 1 slot left open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu909 View Post
    great questions, great answers, i wonder who else this has helped

    Me! Great forum!

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    I totally agree with spending diamonds in order to increase the production slots. That is key to being able to produce many required items overnight whilst sleeping. I recommend expanding the dairy and sugar -- I make cheese and syrups, respectively, overnight and focus on the items that take less time (brown sugar, for example) during the day. Just my two cents.


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    @JayC Thanks for taking the time to give me the advice!!

    @ilovehayday Happy farming to you too, thanks for the links

    @Stu909 Yup, hope this helps others too ^_^

    @Jland Alright awesome! I will definitely message you once I hit 29 (~2000 exp away from 23...still gonna be a while coming, but thanks for the offer!)

    @CrabbyApple Yeah the forum people are nice

    @michaelatx Awesome ideas! I actually thought syrup was useless other than for boat orders, because I always use brown sugar for pies/cookies (which seem to sell really quickly and easily), but for time efficiency, I actually will do syrups hehe

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    And if you haven't read it yet. Check out the new people tips at the top of the page. I know it looks like I am promoting myself, but the threads listed there have lots of advice and often several different theories about game play. It is great for realizing that there re different ways to play.

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