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Thread: I want to use the train to visit the neighbor.

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    I want to use the train to visit the neighbor.

    Can anyone tell me the procedure to visit the neighbor by neighborhood name is Akshat rockstar.

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    Once you have built your personal train, as opposed to the train that services your town, then tap on your personal train and it will show you a list of players in your neighbourhood who have passengers ready for you to collect. Tap one of their avatars and you will be brought to their town where you can tap on visitors on their train track to see which visitor wants to go to which building.

    If you don't want to pick up any of them, return to your own town and tap on your pt again to choose a different neighbour.

    Select all the visitors you wish to pick up by tapping their name on the pop up list you are shown, you can also deselect them by tapping again. When you have chosen your visitors, tap on the train icon, bottom right of the popup, to collect them. Then return to your own town using the icon on the bottom left of your screen, and wait a moment. Your personal train will arrive in your town carrying the selected passengers.


    You can only choose one station from which to collect passengers, you cannot collect visitors from more than one neighbouring town in the same journey. You must wait until your pt resets before you can collect from another station.

    [Ignore this paragraph!]There is a bug in the game which means that if you collect visitors from a farm which has a higher farm level (blue star number) than you, you may be asked for items you cannot provide, so best to choose from farms which are at the same level as you or lower.[/ignore]

    Forget that! Bug is fixed, hurrah! you may pick from any neighbourhood station you wish.
    Still only from one station per go, though.
    Sorry if I am telling you things you already know but better to be safe than sorry.
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