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    Forum groups are a way to communicate with other forum members and do so as part of a All forum rules apply to groups.
    To find the groups page click ‘Community’ in the navigation bar at the top of the forums and press the "Groups" link.

    There are three sections, your groups which contains all the groups you are in, recently updated which shows groups that have been recently active and new groups which shows you new groups that have been formed.

    How To Join A Group

    Find group you want to join, and click on the name/picture. You should take note of group status (after the name of the group at the top and above the groups picture).

    After the group name there will either be nothing, or the words "Invite Only" or "Moderated Group" in brackets.

    If a group has nothing after it's name, you can join it straight away. If a group has "Invite Only" after the name, then you must be invited to the group by the group leader. If a group is has "Moderated" after the name then you can request to join the group, and the leader must then either accept or decline your request.

    To join, or request to join a group press group tools which is on the top right of the group page and press Join Group.

    After Joining A Group

    After joining you will be able to post and reply to discussions in your group.

    Valid as of 7th January 2018
    UCCFUM v1.2.1

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