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Thread: How to attach picture on starting a thread

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    How to attach picture on starting a thread

    Hi all how can I attack a picture when starting a thread

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    Make sure you are on desktop site, not the mobile pne. Click on "Post new thread" button and click on the icon with picture of a tree. It will lead to a dialog box with "Insert picture " as heading.

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    Yes I've been wondering that since I've joined ty for mentioning

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    If you google “image hosting” you will see a variety of websites that provide automatic resizing of images and a bunch of codes for pasting here, in the body of your post (no need to upload via forum tools, copy code for “message boards and forums and paste here)

    you may need to try a few of them. I have been using tinypic for some time, but having some trouble of late. It depends on your device and operating system.

    i have been using imgur, for the time being, but the app requires me to “follow 5” which is not okay for me. I also see that my last upload, full site, was viewed 110 times, which I also don’t like, so I will find another
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    This might help

    You can upload your picture using

    1) Open imgur
    2) Select, 'New Post'
    3) Upload Image
    4) Hover your mouse over the uploaded image
    5) Select the arrow
    6) Click, 'Get Share Links'.
    7) Copy the BB link
    8) Paste it here

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