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    help me....

    I'm can't play game COC...

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    have been trying to get some kind of support in clash of clans so that I can get my old account back I need to talk to a GM or someone that can help me out so that I can get my old account back I've been supporting this game for a while now and I would like some kind of symbol and self-help which I have not gotten I would very much appreciate a response so that I can get my old game back and be able to start playing again

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    We Need To Convert Pdf Files

    Appleis builtin Critique software isn't just a PDF person like Adobe Reader, but additionally has some editing attributes on Macos X 10.5 or afterwards (Leopard). Pdf to Html Available a PDF document in Critique, press "Resources" within the top menu, select "Mark Up" then you can certainly see "Highlight Text", "Underline Text" and "Strike-Through Text" options. You may also annotate your PDF. Basically you are incorporating a new coating like we attract on anything around the paint software. However, if transform the content you prefer to modify the PDF wording, as an example, remove or add new phrases, pictures or lines, transforming PDF could be the method that is best.

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    It really helped. Thanks for making it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shivampaw View Post
    Really? You get banned for that? I've reported people for this and Supercell can't be bothered to give me a non-cut and paste reply.

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    You can't have a real relationship because you prefer 2D anime girls.
    Quote Originally Posted by dorme86 View Post
    They need to nerf bad forum posts

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    Hi I'm new

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    help with pictures in attachments

    Hello, I have 3 pictures available to upload accept they are old ones.. How do i delete them so i can add more to the uploader.. every time I try to add more it says I dont have enough space even though i make them within the required size. Thanks very much for the help.

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    hye all
    never fear

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    Hello dear Supercell team! :

    I have some question:

    1. Why are we the goblin neglect the mission?

    2. When the next update comes

    3.. Better come when said eim about dark new squad?



    Hallo liebe Supercell-Team! :

    Ich habe eine Frage:

    1. Warum sind wir der Kobold vernachlässigen die Mission?

    2. Wenn das nächste Update kommt

    3 .. Besser kommen, wenn die eim über dunkle neuen Monster?



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    Sir! All the pakistani want their national flag in clash of clans

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