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Thread: 7 Former Clan Members Looking for a Clan

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    FPU has room for you all and we'd love to have you

    Quote Originally Posted by SpartysCoc View Post

    Myself and 6 other members are looking to join a clan, TOGETHER. We have been in a clan together, some for multiple years but want to get more clan war wins.

    Here are our specs:

    Username: Emperor Kim
    Level 64
    TH: 8

    Username: McGoo
    Level: 101
    TH: 10

    Username: Douche Lord
    Level: 91
    TH: 10

    Username: spartanfan206
    Level: 92
    TH: 10

    Username: Leonidas0019
    Level: 89
    TH: 10

    Username: LaBaBre1
    Level: 70
    TH: 9

    Username: Jon
    Level: 65
    TH: 8

    (search us in game to see our actual layout)

    We all are active members and provide donations. All have min. level 5 archers; one of our members donates level 3 dragons like crazy haha. The one thing though is that our trophies currently range from 600+ through 2400+ (some of us are farming) so we would need the trophy count lowered to let us all in.

    So if any good clan has 7 extra spots, we'd love to talk and maybe become the newest addition to your clan.


    Emperor Kim
    I'm level 110 and leader of FPU. We are recruiting mature active players with level 5 troops. We war 1-2 times per week and constantly every 3rd week of the month (war week). Check us out. We'd love to have you. Mostly everyone in our clan donates max level troops including dark troops. Check us out for a while and I know you guys will stay. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Good luck and Clash on.

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    Hey there!

    Welcome to a fun, active, mature, and event-filled forum family!

    We are a friendly bunch of forumers, currently in 3 different clans, who love the game and are also very active!

    Here is the link to our thread: Click here

    Three simple steps to becoming a member:

    1. Apply in our thread using the application form.
    2. Wait for a response from a representative, who will tell you your recommended clan.
    3. Join your recommended clan with the password ‘forumite’.

    We look forward to seeing you!

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    Art Of WaR Symbol_20.png

    Check us out! My IGN is: Master Vilum

    Troops Requirement: Lvl 5/6 Archers/Wizards Donated
    Status: Very Active Clan, on 24/7, People from around the world!

    Currently merging, but starting Clan War after. We have about 15 right now and 10 more coming in! Feel Free to check us out!

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    Check out AARRKK. 18-0 in clan wars; highly active:

    Me and 4 others from my old clan joined AARRKK a few weeks back. Love it!

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    check your PM 👍

    Check your PM. I made a proposition for all of you guys. Hope to hear from u!
    Level 110 - Townhall 9 - 120 Skull Walls - 362 Mil Gold Grab - AQ Lvl 11/BK Lvl 10 - Sweet Victory 2,619.

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    join us \/
    fleng @ vinnyidol lvl 180

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    WANTED: Serious & Active Players To Join WTFBBQ
    Apply to join WTFBBQ today!


    If you're not serious about clan wars or if you constantly barch, th snipe or use goblins during Clan Wars stop reading this post now and find another clan.

    Still here? Good. Let's talk.

    WTFBBQ has a Clan War record of 20 wins and 3 losses...will you be a part of our next epic victory?

    WTFBBQ heavily focuses on clan wars, and it needs to be one of your main focuses as well. Right now we are mostly looking for TH 7-8s, but exceptional TH9-10s would be considered and TH6 would also be considered with a very active profile and 5 builder huts. With 30 players in most Clan Wars, we average about 80 stars per CW.

    Here's the kind of players we're looking for:

    -You'll complete BOTH of your Clan Wars attacks every CW; we love shedding blood and pulling in mad amounts of loot.
    -You'll attack the most difficult base in Clan Wars you can reliably 2-3 star (we leave easier bases for our lower level players)
    -You have at least 4 Builder's Huts (5 is preferred, you won't get accepted with 3 or fewer).
    -You're willing to download and use glassboard app to keep up-to-date on clan announcements and important clan news.
    -You're active in clan chat.
    -You donate what's requested.
    -You play daily for the most part.
    -You can comfortably pull Clan Castle troops and heroes and kill them successfully.

    Here's what you'll get out of your WTFBBQ experience:

    -Most of our clan members will tell you they've never been in a better, more active clan than WTFBBQ.
    -Your clan castle will fill instantaneously after you request troops (level 4+ troops).
    -You'll have the opportunity to learn how to attack and defend better by posting and watching other's replays as well as receive optional Clan War attack strategy coaching.
    -With a 20-3 Clan War record, it's safe to say the extra loot is nice.
    -You'll be able to be part of a great, fun and active chat room with like-minded people.

    So, here's who we are:

    WTFBBQ was formed by a group of 10 people that know each other IRL. Our founders have enjoyed high levels of success in a wide array of MMOs and MMORPGs. We formed this clan so everyone can be themselves, and have fun playing the game. Once Clan Wars released, we began recruiting to expand our family and allow us to play in larger Clan Wars.

    WTFBBQ keeps an aggressive clan war schedule. We have been warring every two days since release. Recently we implemented "Lazy Sundays" as a day of rest for everyone that works so hard to make our clan successful. Additionally we now have a farming clan (WTFBBQFARM) for our members to go to and relax or dial back their play time just a bit when real life gets in the way of clashing, or for when members upgrade their TH and the elixer demands are at their highest.

    We constantly monitor activity levels. Inactive players are removed or have an opportunity to move to the farm clan if they have been with us for a while. We prefer highly skilled players, but are willing to teach active ones. Co-Leader and Elder can be earned by anyone who shows loyalty and dedication to the clan. Our members are free to farm or trophy push as they please, but we are starting to do optional trophy pushing weeks to have a friendly competition and build camaraderie.

    We're all for recruiting more international players that speak and understand English well to bolster our international coverage. Ideally we want an active clan 24/7, so having players from different time zones is essential. Currently most members are in the central time zone in the United States, but we have some international players and some players from the East and West coasts.

    If you're ready for a clan that's serious about fun and serious about the game, apply to join WTFBBQ today.

    We hope to see you in the game!

    We also have WTFBBQFARM for players that are looking for a more relaxed style of play that doesn't center around CW. Anyone in the farm has the opportunity to move in to the clan wars branch if their play style changes. The only expectations we have for the farm now is that you are active and have at least 4 builder huts. If you are not super serious about CW but want to be part of an epic family please apply to WTFBBQFARM.

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    THE LEGION OF 3 would love to have you join. All adults. Come check us out and see what you think.

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    Active, adult-run clan with wars three times per week.

    We have a very active, adult-run clan that loves clan wars. We start new wars every Mon/Wed/Fri at 8:30 pm CT, and are always looking for active members who participate in our wars. We're a laid back group, but we take our wars seriously. Currently at 16 war wins. Check us out: @gameofthrones@

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    Your XP and TH levels are really varied and that makes it hard finding a single place for all of you. Good luck with finding a suitable clan, I hope it works out
    IGN: Jasmine | Level: 204| TH: 9
    Walls: Lavas | Heroes(combined): 50

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