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Thread: Complete Newbie!! :rolleyes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misery View Post
    Hey, Darkangel! worked! You rock!

    Im im glad it worked for you! I was hoping it would. If anybody wants to add me, my GC is Alina Waterbelle.
    ~*girls kick butt. says so on a t-shirt*~

    GC: Alina Waterbelle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkangel2010 View Post
    Im im glad it worked for you! I was hoping it would. If anybody wants to add me, my GC is Alina Waterbelle.
    I'll try adding you, Alina. Thx!

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    I'm in Para, Para, Paradise
    Ill add you too
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    Im back! Not that many of you remember me, and now its boom beach not Clash but still

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    I need neighbors on my hay day

    I dont know how to add ppl
    my id: lovllielilo

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    Cool Question about helping people on Hay Day

    I have been playing Hay Day for a while and sometimes I feel like I can never keep my plants stocked or my animals fed. It seems like its really difficult for some reason does anyone else have this problem? I am a level 16 and I visit other peoples farms to try and find materials to increase my silo and barn. Am i really having a hard time or does everyone else face these problems? right now I have no more than 30 of each vegetable and by the time I make things they are already used up! For one of the rewarded tasks it says to send out 10 truck orders in 30 minutes and it just seems impossible because I can't hold enough items that I have made and vegetables at the same time! My main question however was How do you help other people? do you need to be a certain level? My cousin needs help with her boat and I go to her farm and click it but nothing happens. I also never see anywhere where it says send a part to her or help her but I see people posting about helping each other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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