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Thread: Brew Dawgs

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    Brew Dawgs

    *Adult clan 18+
    *LvL 70 and up with LvL 5 troops and up.
    (we have lower lvls in our clan but they are our mini accounts.
    *Archer default donation but we love wizzys!
    *Want to war? No prob, we have a war clan. You don't want to war? No prob, stay in our farm clan. Everyone is happy!
    *We don't do drama, so check the egos at the door.
    *300 min donation per season.
    *We push 3-4 times a year. Next push is in August.
    * Donate before u request. Must make sure u fill your team mate with troops before u post yours on top of theirs.
    * A plus if you drink good beer!
    *You must join our main farm clan first to be considered for our war. We battle with 10 at a time.
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    LvL 125 TH10
    IGN MK10mm & MK9mm
    Brew Dawgs
    BreWAR Dawgs

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    Great group of guys

    Check the title. These guys are the real deal! Only 10 spots left so get in while you fit in!

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    Is it Friday yet? Wassup ladies n gents!

    LvL 125 TH10
    IGN MK10mm & MK9mm
    Brew Dawgs
    BreWAR Dawgs

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