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Thread: - = New TH9 Anti Hog Farming Base << The Prime>> = - No Nonsense Base :)

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    Lightbulb << the PRIME >> TH9 Anti - Hog Farming Base with Def Log + video + listed feature

    - =
    ThePRIME = -

    Hello Everyone , I've just Created a Farming Base With Feature as below :
    (sorry for my Poor English & Unfancy Explanation)

    Every Base Needs a name , i call mine : The PRIME

    The Prime : No Fancy Design , No Nonsense , Pure Defend Facts ~

    Feature List :

    Anti Hog Feature :

    • The Core surround by The Buff Ring , Surround By Tower Ring
    • Double Giant Bomb + small bomb place beside Wiz Tower to clear group of Hogs
    • Evenly Spread out Spring Traps across The Anti Hog Tower Ring
    • 12 possible giant bomb placement area for hard bingo guessing

    Base Feature :

    • Centralized CC That's Un-lureable
    • Balance X-Bow Placing to cover most of the base
    • 2 Centralized Air Def Act as Last line of Defend for Air Raid
    • 3 Centralized Mortar Covering the buff ring + Hog Ring
    • Separated Gold Storage & Elixir Storage on Different Compartment of it's own
    • Centralized DE Storage
    • Well Spread out point Defense + 4 symmetrical wiz tower placing
    • The base is entirely perfect Symmetrical
    • Nicely place red and black air bomb to take out healer fast !

    Special Feature :
    • The Hog / Tower Ring have even 2 space in between each tower.
    • With 2 even spacing between tower , Enemy can't guess where the Giant Bomb is located.
    • Tesla are Guarding the " T-junction " from Wall breaker , rendering more chance of failed bombing
    • 4 side central funnel to lure giant in with Air bombs red + black to take out healer asap

    Things you can do :
    • you can swap CC with DE storage to have maximum protection for DE
    • you can swap out DE Storage for a Archer Tower into core (when DE is not needed or empty)
    • you can swap the 2x giant bomb position and spring traps to other position .
    • you can close the funnel if you are comfortable with it

    That is basically all the feature i can squeeze into a TH9 Farming Base ~
    I need to thanks few member for their base layout that inspired me to build mine ~
    • Ringus
    • Black Whole
    • WDM
    • Bro XlcBlx modified Elysium

    Hope You guys Like the Base ~
    Have a Good day clasher

    I've uploaded some defense log , others are sniping of th only ...

    i need more bro to test out the base and give me comment ya ..

    thanks ~

    uploaded a sample video below , 1st time making video , if it not good i apologize in advance

    The walls and trap placement :

    The CC Radius :

    The base overall look :

    The Tesla have a 2 special mission here !

    mission 1 : lure can channel giants that go through the funnel away from the wiz tower ~
    (so that wiz tower have better chance of surviving and cleaning mass barchs )

    mission 2 : tesla will try to protect the junction from WB

    * both mission tested on real defense ~ working ~

    ** occasionally few giant from the mass group will walk towards wiz tow , but quickly send flying by springs ~

    This 2 attack show's tha PRIME it's not a easy nut to crack ~

    - TH10 , 4 max heal + 1 max rage , 28 max hog , 12 max wiz , 72 max archer , lvl11 AQ + BK

    with 2 air def upgrading

    - TH10 , 4 max heal + 1 max rage , 28 max hog , 12 max wiz , 72 max archer , lvl11 AQ + BK

    - 34 Max hog + 80 max archer + BK + AQ + 4 max heal
    Last edited by superwolf; May 26th, 2014 at 11:46 AM. Reason: update with another defense video

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    Wow this base looks really nice! And nice defense levels also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerdonex View Post
    Wow this base looks really nice! And nice defense levels also
    Thank you a lot for the nice comment bro ..

    Hope u up guys like it

    I've tried to design a last th9 farm base before I go th10

    Last push of farm at th9 hahaha

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    Looks fine but I don't see too many advantages over other great anti hog bases.

    I don't think the clan castle is actually unlureable. In my experience hogs will often go a little past the tower it is attacking or attack it somewhat from the side and will trigger the CC. This makes the base slightly worse than kamikaze's design.

    There are only 4 places where a double giant bomb could be. No one cares about a single giant bomb. The easy testing of these double bombs makes this base slightly worse than Ringus.
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    Raiding your base

    Great base

    Great base!

    i will most likely use this when I reach town hall 9. Thanks!
    Currently: Maxing town hall 8

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    *insert witty location here*
    Giant bombs are easily triggered

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    Can't see the pic.

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    Can't see the pic

    Won't let me see the picture

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    The pictures are fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altin View Post
    Giant bombs are easily triggered
    I would think all bombs on an anti-hog base are easily triggered since they are so exposed
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