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    town shops upgrade

    Hi SC team,
    I've posted this in the Town Guide thread but I think maybe it'd be more appropriate to post this here?
    I tried to upgrade my exp and reputation points of my beach cafe.
    And I've already reached 15% which means I should get 8 hearts back from each visitor?
    But I still see only 7 hearts.
    What is the problem? Did I calculate wrong or is this a bug.
    Please I would like to receive some feedback on this.
    Thank you.

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    Good Update

    I like the new update that you can make your own town!

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    Question love the town update!

    I really love the last update we got with the town--- and i can't wait to see what we get with the next update.. any idea when the next update will be? keep up the good work!!

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    The new guy looks like Lenny Kravitz lol

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    Where are my diamonds

    I like the Town very much, but unfortunately one can work so very hard to achieve certain levels and it will tell you that one is entitled to some diamonds ? Pray tell where are they?
    It not only happen in Town it is also happening on the farm when you level.
    The little diamonds I let go and thought it is bug and it will be fixed
    But lately I achieved level 20 in Town and it showed me I would get 10 diamond at the time I have exactly 21 and this time I really look but it was not coming up to 31 diamonds
    I wrote letter to supercell and that was re-directed to the Webmaster , my email is there for them to reply
    until today Nothing at all!
    I wonder if any of you had that kind of experience ?
    All i would like is the diamonds I am entitle too nothing more or less
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