It seems the general opinion is that playing C.o.C on an Android emulator is against the T.o.S

I read through it all and only found a section that states using 3rd party software to interfere with or modify SuperCell software and services is against the T.o.S

I use Oracle VM to run Android and play C.o.C on it. The only modification is to the OS; i have set it up as a clone of a Nexus 10 tablet. The Clash of Clans software is untouched as are it's services; all going through Google Play Services as with any other Android device.

In my mind this doesnt violate the T.o.S at all as Super Cells software and services are untouched and left to run in their default manner.

Can anyone from Super Cell comment? Or anyone else suggest how this could be interpreted as violating the T.o.S ?

I will happily stop playing the game via this medium is Super Cell can provide sufficient justification relating to the T.o.S