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    Cavebears *new thread*


    So who are we?
    Cavebears is part of the Bear Empire which currently includes our sister clans Riverbears, IceBears, and Skybears.

    What are we about?
    We are fearless
    We are bloodthristy
    We love burning villages
    We drink from skull cups
    We swing axes and warhammers
    We are flexible when it comes to somebody elses property rights (especially regarding gold and elix, and Dark elix)
    In our town halls we sit on thrones made from the bones of our victims
    We make reference to Thor and Odin regularly.

    To Join you need to be:

    An active Adult player, the actual age is not important but being able to act like an adult is important. As for activity you are expected to donate a minimum of 200 troops per week, so we are probably more suited to those that play most days.

    Your level and trophy count is not important, but your willingness to constantly donate and participate is important.

    On Joining please note the following:

    You are required to say Hi, if you fail to do so we will assume you have pressed the join button by mistake and will swiftly aid you on your way back into the wilderness.

    It is considered unBEARable to join the clan and request troops before donating to your fellow Bears. Saying 'Hi, give me some troops' is considered to be a kickable offence. (This is known as Tanys's Rule).

    Please only donate archers or barbarians. Nothing else.

    When asked what God we worship, you should answer "Thor". Thor is a mighty God and we rightfully fear that He may bring the sky crashing down upon our heads if we don't worship Him. If you don't give the right answer then we know you have not read our rules and you may be kicked, or burnt at the stake. Depends on what sort of mood we are in at the time.

    Please do not ask to be made into an Elder
    . Please don't even discuss it.

    Lastly, just a thing about privacy. I am sure that as adult we can all agree about the need to protect personal privacy. Please do not ask anyone for their exact location (such as town or city), their age, their job or school, their friends, their gender, etc. Asking what country they are from is fine, but let's leave it at that.

    So Still want to Join?
    Search Cavebears in clan search (white shield with purple lightning bolt) and request to join, (please don’t mistake us with the other cavebears, I fear you will die of loneliness).
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    Donation Rules

    Donation Rules

    Donation requirements: 200 per week. Archers or Barbarians are the standard donation troops.

    All members may leave Cavebears and move to our sisterclans if they think they can not meet these requirement.

    All Cavebear members with a high donating record, who have informed us of irl circumstances affecting their ability to donate for a period, are automatically granted the right to return to Cavebears and to be restored to eldership if they were previously an elder in Cavebears

    If by some other means we become aware that a member of Cavebears has had some real life circumstances (unexpected personal circumstances) affect their ability to communicate with us and be active, then at the discretion of the Leader or the Guardian, that member shall not be removed.

    Guardian requests. Consistently low donors in Cavebears may be asked at the discretion of the leader or the Guardian to move to a sisterclan in order to make room for returning Cavebears, should there be inadequate room in the Cavebear clan or to make room for consistently high donating Riverbears who wish to move to Cavebears.. This request will override the provisions of donation rule (2) above.

    You can take this to mean that Cavebears will be for high donating people. People who cannot donate enough and will not move to a sisterclan, and who cannot simply understand that communication is a really good idea, will be removed. Painfully.

    Primary Donor Rights

    That means if you are having trouble donating then get in the chat and say "Let me donate!" (or abbreviate this as "lmd"), other players should then hold off donating until you have. When you have donated to one person say "Finished" (or abbreviate this as "fin". You may do this as much as you like until you reach 200 donations for the week).

    To claim primary donation rights you must be active and monitoring the clan chat.

    1) Type "lmd" which means LET ME DONATE!

    2) Monitor the chat and donate to donation requests from other members. Remember to have first scrolled down the chat to make sure there aren't any donation requests still open down below.

    3) When you see a donation request, donate a full compliment of archers or barbarians. Make sure you manage your barracks so that you always have these types of troops ready to donate.

    4) When you have finished donating type "fin", this will let other members know you have donated and will mean that they then can fill the remaining donations spaces.

    5) You can repeat this as much as you like over a period of time.

    6) When you reach 200 troops donated you may no longer claim primary donations rights. Providing you follow our rules regarding behavior you are safe from being removed from our clan.
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    Sunday Night Ceremonies

    Each week Donation counts take place on Sunday evenings at approximately 9pm (GMT) at this time all members donations are counted and those that fall short of the required amount as explained above face being offered up to Thor as sacrifice. Thor likes variety so the method of sacrifice changes (although the volcano and general throwing off the cliff without a pillow are some clan favourites) what does not change is that these offerings take place in a party atmosphere where mead is served in skull cups and hog roasts are devoured on the bone. The sacrificing ceremony takes place when the leader is able to do so, dependent on timezone this can be sometime after the count.

    Some other rules….

    Please say "hi" and "bye" when you log in and out. This is important to monitoring activity, it lets us know who is around, and it encourages a positive social atmosphere. If you log in and out many times a day you do need to say "hi" or some other greeting each time. This is especially important for new members as they may be kicked by elders for chat inactivity, especially if they are constantly asking for donations without saying anything.. Also, please thank players when you have received donations. Just a simple "ty" is enough.

    If someone leaves our clan because they think they can find a better one then they are not welcome back.
    All elders and leader should instantly kick, without consultation, any member who:
    1) Attempts to encourage other members to leave the clan for any reason whatsoever.
    2) Any member who has rejoined after leaving the Cavebears clan unless:
    a)That member is an agent who has left our clan with permission granted solely by the clan leader. That includes everyone including myself.
    b) That member has left, with notification to the clan leader, to join our sister clan or other associated clans run by the Cavebears.

    In summary, if you leave our clan you are not welcome back and infiltrators will be immediately kicked.


    If a member lets us know they want to leave, perhaps to visit a friend in another clan, then they are welcome to rejoin us later on. Just post in this forum to let us know what is going on. Our elders and members often read through this thread, so your post will be seen. Thats much better than just saying so in the clan chat where only a few people might read it. Remember that different elders are on at different times, and if they are unaware that you left for a good reason, then they will be less likely to let you rejoin.

    But wait, there's more!

    If a member wishes to hop between our clan, the Cavebears, and our sister clans, then that is not considered leaving our clan at all. Again, just let us know. I recommend if you want to move between our two clans that you do it on a sunday or a monday, just after the donation counter resets (the moment you leave a clan your donation counter automatically goes to zero, regardless of how many troops you have donated). If you are going to swap clans then please do so for a period of a week, this will help keep clan numbers stable and help us decide upon recruitment policies.
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    How we roll….

    We have regular votes on matters that affect us. Your views and opinions are critical to making this clan work effectively and for making it a desirable clan to not only join but also to stay with.

    The reasoning for public voting is this: While voting on matters like the nature of troop donations may seem trivial at this time, it is important to establish a solid and transparent democratic tradition in our clan. By transparent that means that any decision, any vote is out there for us all to see, and so avoid any allegations or possibility of vote rigging. There may come a time when we need to vote on more important matters, and then we will have established good system for making such decisions.

    Deadman's hand policy

    This simply means an event will trigger unless it is prevented from happening.

    This will affect all manners of things, like how we vote, vouching for players who fall below donation minimums, the role of elders and leadership, donation requirements, events within the clan, recruitment policies, etc.

    All members may offer suggestions regarding our clan. These will often be discussed in the clan chat and here on the forum.
    If the discussion is important enough then members may bring it to the attention of the leader by posting here on this thread.
    If the leader gives approval, in writing on this thread, and only if he/she gives approval, then a member may write up a proposal to be offered on this thread.
    The proposal will remain on this thread for a week. Unless the majority of clan members vote against the proposal here on this thread, it will be passed and become Cavebear policy. This is the deadman's hand in action.

    The leader may make proposals without consultation with any other member including myself.
    The leader may veto any proposal made by me, but not any proposal made by a member or elder.

    This means that if you want a say in how the clan operates, and if you are opposed to any of the proposals made, you must take an active role on this forum. You must make your intention clear or your vote will not be counted. In other words if a proposal is made and you make some negative comment on it without actually saying "I oppose" or something equally obvious, then your comment will not be counted as a vote against.

    If you agree with the proposal you need do nothing, you will be counted as a vote in favour.

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    Roles and responsibilities

    The Selection and Role of Leader

    The Cavebears clan has a rotating leadership, the leadership term lasts two weeks. Leaders are selected from Elders.

    This is the process by which Leaders are selected.

    1) Following our barbaric festivities (which takes place usually on a Sunday evening) a new leader will be selected.
    2) The current leader will be asked by the Cavebear Guardian to nominate a new leader from the Elders.
    3) The leader should select an elder based on the following criteria
    a) They are very active, both in chat and in donations
    b) They have posted on this thread in the past week
    c) They have actively engaged in our barbaric culture and are well known for their bloody exploits.
    d) They have not served in the leadership role before.
    e) They are willing to accept the leadership role.

    4) The Guardian may, without explanation, veto any choice made by the Leader, in which case the leader must select a new candidate.
    5) The leader may ask for the advice of the Elders.

    Note. No ordinary member may become leader. Nor may any ordinary member seek to influence the Leaders decision.

    The role of the Leader is as follows:

    1) To act as an elder at all times. but in addition to this:
    2) To support and moderate the actions of Elders
    3) To cast deciding votes where Elder votes are tied.
    4) To promote elders with, and only with, the approval of the Guardian. However the Guardian may veto the promotion of any Elder without explanation.
    5) To ensure this thread remains on page one of Clan Talk in conjunction with the Guardian
    6) To promote the healthy culture of Barbaric Viking behavior.
    7) To select a new leader at the end of the week, subject to veto by the Guardian.
    8) To remove from the clan any member or elder who fails to meet the required standards of the Cavebear clan (donations, activity and behavior). For the meantime Leaders will consult with the Guardian on members to remove. For the meantime this will occur on a Sunday (NZ and Australian time)

    Brief summary of Leadership events. Every second Sunday the current leader removes required members, promotes those to elder as agreed with the guardian, passes leadership to a new leader.

    The selection and role of the Guardian

    Selection and Removal of the Guardian

    1) The Guardian shall always be a previous Cavebear leader. Leadership experience from any other clan does not count.

    2) The Guardian shall remain in position until:

    a) They relinquish the position of Guardianship in this thread, in which case the Guardian may select the new Guardian.
    b) The leader calls a non confidence vote in this thread or
    c) At least three elders call a no confidence vote in this thread, in which case for both (b) and (c) the Leader must nominate a new Guardian.
    d) The current leader may not nominate themselves as Guardian.

    No confidence votes are subject to negative deadman's hand policy: Over half of existing members must vote to remove the Guardian by individually posting "No confidence" in this thread within a week of the no confidence vote being initiated.

    The role of the Guardian

    The Guardian is responsible for monitoring administration details regarding

    1) Donation counts and who is not meeting Cavebear standards of activity and behavior. The guardian will advise the leader each Sunday as to who is to removed from the clan.
    2) Ensuring that the original values, atmosphere and ethos of the Cavebear clan are maintained over time, and for initiating actions to preserve the Cavebear culture as the need arises.
    3) To act as an elder at all times.
    4) To advise the leader on all matters as and when either expedient or requested.
    5) To promote and encourage the growth of Cavebear culture, which is gratuitously violent, barbaric, uncivilized, heinous, unwashed, rather smelly, and soaked in the blood of its enemies.
    6) To intiate constitutional proposals, to moderate constitution proposals raised by the Cavebear community group, and to safeguard the constitution

    The selection and role of Elders

    The selection of Elders

    At this point elders may only be appointed by:

    1) The Guardian
    2) The Leader with the approval of the Guardian.

    Elders are selected on the following compulsory criteria:

    1) Their willingness, as an elder, to sacrifice their time and effort to help other members and to ensure that rude, disruptive, immature and otherwise unsuitable people are kept out of our clan.
    2) Their willingness to sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of all our members by helping to promote our clan and our culture through the forums
    3) Their willingness to sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of all our members by participating in important clan policy discussions and votes.

    Elders are selected on the following optional criteria.

    1) Consistently high donation counts
    2) Being active in clan chat
    3) Being active in this thread
    4) Giving highly quality advice and help to other clan members
    5) Behaving as suitably barbaric Vikings
    6) Geographical location.
    7) Length of time within our clan.

    It is entirely up to the Guardian and the Leader to decide the relative weighting given to each of the criteria. Some elders may be selected entirely on the basis of just one criteria, some may be selected on the basis of several or all criteria. The Guardian and Leader may ask Elders for their advice.

    At this time: At no point should the number of elders exceed the number of members. Ideally elders should comprise approximately one third of membership numbers.

    The role of Elders

    As a group the Elders are the keystone of maintaining our clans culture and strength. Elders ensure that people joining our clan are comapatable with our ethos and will contribute not only the required donations, but are also encouraged to chat, to adopt Viking behavior if not already a Viking, and to be familiar with at least the first page of this thread.

    Elders are responsible for the following:

    1) Accepting new recruits. At this time all recruits to Cavebears are to be accepted. If there is not room the elder is to write on the rejection reply that "we are full, please join Icebears" You can tap the screen to bring up your keyboard so you can type this reply. Consider 47 members to be "full".

    2) Screening new recruits. A soon as a new recruit is accepted the elders are to question them. How did they find our clan? Have they read the Cavebear thread? (this one). Do they know what to donate and what not to donate? How many donations are required?

    If the new recruit does not give suitable answers, or evades the questions, responds aggressively, or fails to respond in adequate time, it is up to the discretion of the Elder to kick the new recruit out, with the agreement of another elder if at all possible. If in doubt, leave the new recruit alone, we can always weed them out later if they are not suitable.

    3) KICK IMMEDIATELY, without consultation, any member, new or old, who does any of the following:

    a) Deliberately uses offensive language obviously intended to offend, belittle or insult any member.
    b) Attempts to poach our members.
    c) Asks for eldership.
    d) Continues to make inappropriate comments after having been warned by an Elder.

    4) Warn only once if:

    a) The new member wants to discuss eldership. Refer them to the first page of this thread. If they bring it up again, kick them immediately.
    b) If the new member makes a mildly inappropriate comment.

    Do not accept into the clan any recruit who

    a) Asks to join so they can talk with a "friend"
    b) Any ex-member who left without permission from the Leader or notice posted in this thread.
    c) Any ex-member who was kicked from the clan.

    Do accept any member from our sisters clan.

    Promote immediately to Eldership any Elder, Leader or Guardian from the Riverbears or other sister clan

    Still want to be an elder? Then read on...

    Elders are responsible for posting in this thread at least once every two weeks.

    Elders are expected to be familiar with the entire contents of this thread as pertains to our rules, requirements and culture (just read it a bit at a time if you prefer)

    Elders are encouraged to participate in the Community group discussion

    All members shall be considered willing to accept the position of Leader or Elder unless they notify both the Leader and the Guardian by PM otherwise.

    Therefore it will not be necessary to ask a member if they would like to be Leader or Elder unless that member has made it plainly obvious by sending a pm to the Leader and Guardian stating that they do not want to be made into a Leader or Elder.

    At all times Elders may ask to be demoted if they feel uncomfortable being in that position. For that purpose they can ask the Leader to demote them, either in chat with the Leader, or by PM.

    Should it arise that a Leader is uncomfortable being in that position, then they should consult with the Guardian first by PM and arrange for a suitable replacement.
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    I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you.
    It is I, THE MIGHTY BACONMAN! !!!!7!!!!! I would like to visit your Mighty Bear Empire! I have what I understand is called a level 8 town hall, 1579 of these strange trophies, and level 4 troops! HAIL THOR! PM to arrange said visit! HAIL THOR!
    Guess who's back

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    Bacon it's been a pleasure to meet you I have, been giggling all morning. Still it was rude of you to drink all my mead! This bear gets cranky if I don't get my morning mead!
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    I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Magnifico View Post
    Bacon it's been a pleasure to meet you have, been giggling all morning. Still it was rude of you to drink all my mead! This bear gets cranky if I don't get my morning mead!
    That was awesome mead. Too bad YOU didn't get it! hahahahha!
    Guess who's back

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    LOL HA HA HA you are ssssooooo funny

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    YAY! Excellent new thread! My only, humble question is . . . what is a Guardian? The clan leader and elders are clearly marked in the chat, but I have not seen this mysterious Guardian.

    If your answer forces me to slap my forehead and exclaim d'oh, I shall blame excessive consumption of mead . . .

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