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Thread: Collector Visuals Changed?

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    Collector Visuals Changed?

    I was wondering why Supercell secretly changed the collector fullness visuals in the last update. When you are looking at collector raids the first thing you do is zoom in on how full the gold or dark elixir or elixir pumps are and from that you can estimate how much is available. Ever since the update I have seen raids with much much lower amounts available but still showing the same available loot visual. I was wondering why they did this and if anyone noticed it.

    This pretty much sums it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by AThor View Post
    It is definitely changed. I dont know why people are complaining about it changing loot or base selection though. I'm pretty sure there is no change to the percent you can take from collectors, just a change in collector visuals. Before, even a thin layer of elixir indicated a good collector raid. Now, the next thickest layer indicates a good raid.

    The first "full" illustration used to be about 30k, now i think it's 20k. It's slightly annoying, but not a big change. Just need to recalibrate how you look at the collector visuals.

    Im fairly new here, but it is amusing how every change gets viewed as some Supercell conspiracy to make people buy more gems.
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    I noticed the same, it only takes ~15k or 16k elixer/gold to fill it past the first animation, opposed to the previous 32kish
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    Quote Originally Posted by REDWALL View Post
    I noticed the same, it only takes ~15k or 16k elixer/gold to fill it past the first animation, opposed to the previous 32kish
    I screwed up a 200k raid thanks to this. I thought it was in the collectors thanks to the graphic and only got ~50k and no stars

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    Noticed it too... Thought i was going insane :O
    what purpose would this serve other than to stop people farming for abandoned bases easily? i can still do it, it just takes a bit more thought to choose the right base... and again, why did they not inform us of this? instead of me asking every person i know if he noticed a difference.

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    Yeah that was NOT cool of them to do!
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    Really? I've been doing nothing but farming with Tier 1 troops for the last month. Can't say I've noticed any changes.

    Not doubting you but can't say I've noticed.

    Are you sure there just isn't loot in the CC? A few times I've cleared all storages and there has been a lot left over, turns out it was in their Centralised CC (quite annoying).

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    Quick way to fix this. Raid storages instead

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    it has definately changed, but I don't mind.
    You just need to get accustomed to it.
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    Woah, is this true?! I thought I noticed my collectors filling up more but thought it was because I hadn't collected as often as usual. I just Barched someone for a solid 300k and only earned 150k when it appeared to be in the collectors.

    Can we get official comment on this one??

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