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Thread: Should I go to TH10?

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    Should I go to TH10?

    When I went to TH9 I told myself I would never upgrade until I was completely maxed out. Now many months later I finally feel like it is time. After completing my level 9 walls and now going onto the grind of level 10 walls I feel like it is time. With the addition of Clan Wars I feel like it is necessary, especially since half of my clan is TH10. Recently I have been annihilated in defenses, losing tons of dark elixir since the update and it's all by TH10s. I still have enough gems from Easter to go to TH10 right now and I was just looking to see what you all would do.
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    Don't like being annihilated by TH10s in every defense?
    Bored being a TH9? Grinding lv10 walls?

    If you are bored being a TH9, just upgrade to TH10. My friends [th10s] have no problem farming at c3-c1 using hog+healer or giant+healer strategy.

    Btw nice base!

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    I'm in the same boat as you, but i'm getting heroes to 20 before upping.
    Have a nice day.

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    My Unicorn Friend says yes to anything to upgrade. The Bigger the better

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    Yes, looks great!

    Hi, my friends!

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    we're in same boat, I just started the TH10 construction not long ago...

    I'm very confident although I have much lower def
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