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Thread: In case there is neighborhood expansion in the update .....

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    In case there is neighborhood expansion in the update .....

    We are all eagerly awaiting the new Hay Day update, with talk of the train, all of the new service buildings, and an entire new market for products --- a game within the main game.

    With all of the excitement, I am also hoping for some new membership slots for the neighborhoods. Being able to increase maximum membership to 25 or 30 would be fantastic. With all the new demands that will be placed on the players in trying to service these new features, the importance of belonging to a first class neighborhood will be even more critical than it has ever been.

    If this indeed does happen, the recruitment for elite players to join other neighborhoods will be fierce. Great players who are less than happy with their current neighborhoods and have been reluctant to jump out of the pan for fear of jumping into the fire .... Will be motivated to try to join elite neighborhoods that until now have been filled, but more reflect their style of play.

    With this post, I hope to be pre-emptive in letting these players know that a rare opportunity and limited window may exist to join a stable and unique neighborhood that they wish they would have been fortunate enough to join when the neighborhood concept was first introduced. Openings are rare. Turnovers are even more rare. That neighborhood is: tonyb9090.

    Let me tell you about our neighborhood. My name may be on it, but the neighborhood is a sucess because of the 20 dedicated players who were brought together because of a common interest in the game, but eventually became good friends who are also very concerned about each other as well as our success in the game.

    i have two fantastic co-leaders with whom i discuss all major decisions involving the neighborhood.

    What makes this neighborhood unique is the ability to always be in sync. If a member asks for help in filling a boat, filling a truck order, gaining an accomplishment, expanding BEM/SEM/LEM .... The rest of the neighborhood will swoop down and make it happen. Even if a member does not ask for help, many of the neighborhood members will still offer their help to make it happen.

    You will not find a more helpful neighborhood out there. They are very chatty and communicate very well with each other. The chat board is almost constantly active due to players being located all over the world and not being shy about talking to one another.

    Makeup of the neighborhood ranges from level 46 up to level 112. It is a mature group with no drama. Age range of members is from the youngest member at 19, to the oldest member in the mid 60's, with the median age being somewhere in the high 30's. Member play style ranges from active, to very active, to addicted - but we also realize that real life is more important than a game. We have wheaters and sellers of finished goods alike who stock their rss with all kinds of good stuff for other members to purchase.

    A few of our members have very close hay day relationships with very high level 'power players' - due to numerous past trading and dealings with these players. These players have the ability to often provide impossible to find items when nobody else can find these items.

    The senior members of the group can offer advice on everything from leveling up game strategy, to effective use of diamonds, to how to trap foxes. They have always been eager to help others, and great players in this neighborhood have become even better players after a short time due to the knowledge gained from others in the neighborhood.

    If you are not satisfied in your current neighborhood, have given up hope of finding a decent neighborhood, or just wish you could be part of a special neighborhood ... This could be your chance.

    i am not going to lie .... If posititions do become available due to expansion of nh, it will take 2-3 back and forth e-mails between us before an offer to join is put forth to you. We do make sure that members who wish to join the nh are a good fit for both you and the neighborhood, and that there are no surprises or disappointments. This is why our turnover rate has been almost non existent and the group works so well together. We do not make mistakes in our membership selection. Our members do not leave.

    Please do not think this is elitist or snobbish in requiring this vetting process, but I would love to add new members if the size of the neighborhood increases ..... There are some really great players out there who deserve to be in an exciting and thriving neighborhood that meets their reasonable expectations.

    if this sounds like something you may be interested in, please pm me and tell me something about your hay day self. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours. If you want to send a GC request to check out my farm and look at the roster of the nh, mention that in your pm.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
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