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    Cool Announcing - The Town for Hay Day!! *coming soon*

    Hey Everyone,

    We mentioned some time ago that we are working on a HUGE update for Hay Day, and now it's time to start revealing some Sneak Peeks from it. The new update will come with a completely new area where you will be able to build your own Town!!! We are super EGGcited about this update, and we are sure you guys will love it too!!

    Since this is such a HUGE new feature/update, we thought to share some information about it already today even though the update is not out yet. Here's a short version of the Town FAQ, just to get you started.

    Q: What is this Town feature?
    A: The Town is a new special area which will be available in the next update for Hay Day (to be released soon). When you have fixed up your Town, a train will start to arrive bringing you visitors that want to visit various Service Buildings. You then need to serve the visitors according to their requests. Keep an eye open for sneak peeks on what kind of Service Buildings and visitors the update will have.

    Q: How do I get visitors to visit my Town?
    A: As soon as you get to your own Town, you need to repair the Train Station and place your first service building. When you're done, the first visitors will arrive to your Town by the Eggspress train. From there on visitors will automatically arrive with the train. You can see the train schedule by tapping the Train station. To get more visitors with each train you can upgrade the Train Station.

    Q: How do I serve the visitors?
    A: Tap on a visitor, and he/she will tell you which Service Buildings he/she wants to visit. When you select one, the visitor will walk to that Service Building. Then tap on the Service Building, and tap on the visitor to see what he/she wants. The visitor may request up to 3 different products, which are all needed to serve the visitor. You only need to drag & drop one of the products to the visitor as the other possible products will automatically follow.

    Q: Whatís the difference between the new Service Buildings and the old Production Buildings on my farm?
    A: The Service Buildings donít produce anything, whereas your Production Buildings on your farm do. In Service Buildings you sell your products to visitors in exchange for coins, experience point, new reputation points and new upgrade & expansion materials. When a visitor visits a Service Building in your Town, you will see what he/she requests. It can be any sort of products from your farm. When visitors ask for more than one type of a product, you need to serve all the products in one go.

    Q: What are Reputation Points?
    A: You earn reputation points when serving visitors in your Town. Note - reputation points are only achieved in the Town area, not at your farm. Reputation points are required to upgrade your buildings in town, to buy new Service buildings and to unlock new features in the Town area.

    Q: Can I chat in the Town area?
    A: Yes you can freely use the neighbourhood chat in your Town area.

    Q: Can I decorate my Town?
    A: Yes, you can decorate your Town with all of the existing and future decorations. Itís up to you to create and style your Town as you like!

    Q: Can I place pets or any other animal pens in the town?
    A: For time being you can not place anything else than Service Buildings and decorations in your Town.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes open every day for a plethora of Sneak Peeks here on our forums, our Facebook Page (, Hay Day's Twitter feed ( or the official Hay Day Instagram page (

    We will explain a lot more about the Town when it will becomes available for all players worldwide. When will it be released you may ask? Well, I'm sorry but I can't reveal the release date yet. Stay tuned!!


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    OMG, amazing!!! I have always wished for us to be able to wander around town.

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    Will the update b available for iOS 6.1.3??

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    wow, wow and WOW
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    ALSO...... please keep it compatible with ios 6 (i dont want to upgrade i ipad2 to ios7)
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    I've never seen a game with such amazing updates and support!
    Amazing how you can keep a tablet game interesting for over 2 years now!!
    Looking forward to the update, thanks!!

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    Omg, I can't wait! This sounds great

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    have bank system ? haha

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    ZOMG.. the town is exactly what I want.. me and my besties talked abt this weeks ago. We thought what if the BIG update from hayday is adding town or beach or maybe a theme park. Must be ultra awesome. And then she said, "If that so, then maybe Hayday is a game for life"
    Now it happens.. LOL it got me goosebumps somehow xD

    Cant wait!!
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    Yesssssss, please update as soon as possible!! Let's go!!!

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