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Thread: [GUIDE] HAVING BAD LOOT? Hope my TH9/TH10 Balloonion Farming Guide can help you! :)

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    Red face [GUIDE] HAVING BAD LOOT? Hope my TH9/TH10 Balloonion Farming Guide can help you! :)

    Dear fellow Clashers,

    After noticing and reading the bad loot threads which seem to be appearing since the December 2013 update, I thought I could do a little for the CoC Forum community, by sharing about my experiences and tips about farming at high TH levels (namely TH9 and TH10) for those who may need a little help.

    Before I am to continue, here's my declaimer...

    Disclaimer: I am not trying to provide any magical solution to your loot problems, or pretending I am a CoC guru or know-all farmer. I am spending my personal time writing this today just to offer my experiences which hopefully, may help improve someone's loots from farming. Constructive feedback is of course welcomed, but haters with nothing constructive to offer --- please kindly stay away from this thread. Thank you.

    Alright? Are you ready to read with an open mind now? If so, please read on...

    A Little Bit About Myself
    I started playing CoC more than a year ago in March 2013 but retired in January 2014, after the December's update which made loot looked really bad. I was so frustrated with farming and saving enough resources for my upgrades (I was already past mid-TH9 and upgrades were at least 5 mil each), and so I just gave up on the game. I even complained about the poor loot here and SC's assurance that loot was better than before the update didn't convince me to stay on.

    Back From Retirement
    I had a good rest away from CoC for the next few months (not a bad thing actually ). When I heard about the Clan Wars update, I returned and was glad that my previous clan was still willing to accept me back. Loot was erm... slightly better than when I left, but I was still had a hard time farming enough resources using my favourite Healer-Giant strategy (been using that since I first unlocked these troops). Fortunately, I still managed to upgrade my remaining defenses and then upgraded to TH10, since it is a requirement in our clan.

    Struggling at TH10
    At TH9, I could still make do with the Healer-Giant strategy at Gold league. However, once I got to TH10, oh my, I was struggling! The loot penalty came into play and although I could still find bases with high loot in storages, my Healer-Giant combo just couldn't break through deep enough to be profitable, especially with Elixir (I was losing Elixir in fact!). An invisible wall stood before me and I couldn't progress further. I was very demoralised and didn't know what I did wrong.

    The Comeback
    I complained about lousy loot to my clanmates, but they didn't find it as much of a problem. They strongly advised me to dump the Healer-Giant combo, as it was not going to work against Inferno Towers and X-Bows (plus those irritating spring traps and seeking air mines). As much as I couldn't bear to, I had to agree with them after seeing my healers and giants melted like butter against bases with these deadly weapons. I then listened to their advices further and took up the Ballonion (Balloons + Minions) troop composition. Since then, everything changed for the better and I have never looked back since.

    (I sincerely thank you if you didn't skip my boring biography above)

    Coming to the present...

    Below are my recent attacks in Crystal 1 and 2 as a TH10. Of course, good or bad loot here is very subjective but for me, what I have earned from these attacks (don't forget loot bonuses from victories) is very sufficient and I could farm and save enough resources for my needed upgrades (Note: I am only focusing on farming Elixir at the moment):

    Here are some of my earlier attacks (some battles may overlap as they were screenshot earlier):

    [UPDATE: While I was posting this thread, loot continued to be awesome!]

    I hope you are now convinced that loot isn't that bad for TH9s and TH10s after all? It's more about finding them (I find them mostly in less than 10 Nexts) and stealing (okay, a better word is 'farming', or 'transferring' ) them.

    After experimenting with various setups, the following composition is working best for me:

    TROOPS (220 Troop Space)
    20 Balloons (Level 5)
    55 Minions (Level 5)
    10 Barbarians (Level 6)
    (91,500 Elixir and 550 Dark Elixir for this troop composition)

    SPELLS (4 Spell Slots)
    2 Rage
    1 Heal
    1 Lightning (or 2 if you have 5 spell slots)

    Noticed I only have 220 troop space and my troops are all at TH9's level? This is because I am still uprgrading my Army Camps and troops at the moment (it has not been long since I dropped my healers/giants and started Balloonions). More importantly, this means that the strategy I am sharing here works (even better) for a TH9! Anyway, once I have finished my Army Camp upgrades, the 20 extra spaces will all be used for more minions.

    The 10 Barbarians are there to take out the Archer Queen after luring her, as she is almost always present in enemy's bases at my league range.

    As for spells, I choose to have two Lightning Spells so that I do not have to wait for the next Lightning Spell to be cooked after using one to take out the CC Troops in my current attack, in case I encounter CC Troops again in my next attack.

    The training time of between 30 to 40 minutes for this troop composition is working fine for me, since I am a working adult and father, and is not as hardcore as before. I just need to sneak into CoC once my army is ready, do a few Nexts, get a nice and fruitful attack, then go back to my life again (therefore, a good base defense is important to retain our resources too).

    I began using Balloonions at Gold 1 a week ago and unintentionally, I made it up to Crystal 1 today (and still climbing).

    From here on, I will try to summarise my experience and tips in point form for easy reading:

    - Depending on your confidence level in your base defense, anything between Gold 1 and Crystal 1 should be fine.
    - In terms of the best balance between difficulty level & good loot, I find Crystal 2 is the best range.
    - Personally, I enjoy Crystal 1 (and maybe even Master League when I get there), due to its attractive League Bonuses.

    - Try not to commit an attack because of fearing to spend too much Gold from Nexting, as finding a suitable and lucrative base is very important to secure high profits. Remember, the skill of finding the 'right' base to loot is actually even more crucial than the actual battle itself. Anyway, I would usually find a suitable base within 10 Nexts.
    - Focus on your intended resources to loot when considering if the base is worth attacking. For example, I am currently concentrating on Elixir due to the need to upgrade my Army Camps and Troops. The other resources will automatically grow with each successful raid anyway (due to League Bonuses and other resources looted at the same time). For Elixir, I usually look for bases with at least 150k Elixir available for looting.
    - Take the League Bonus into consideration when choosing bases to attack. Try to go for at least a 1-star win for FREE, extra loot. This is especially useful for TH10s since League Bonuses are NOT subjected to any loot penalty.
    - If there is an exposed TH, I will just attack it using my Archer Queen or Minions for the free League Bonus. But take note to recognise what is truly an exposed TH and what is not (e.g. surrounded by obvious 2x2 empty spaces housing Teslas, or having Archer Towers within range).
    - I will usually 'Next' bases with X-Bows pointing to the air and/or bases with Inferno Towers, unless loot is really good (at the expense of losing the attack and not getting the league bonus) or I can overcome them using Rage/Heal Spells.

    IN A NUTSHELL, TRY TO CHOOSE BASES THAT (in order of importance, most important on top):
    - Good loot (subjective but will be >150k of Gold or Elixir or >1000 DE for me)
    - Have Ground-Only X-Bows
    - Have no Inferno Tower or away from your targeted resources
    - Offers at least a likely 1-Star Victory (unless loot is really good, e.g. high levelled inactives)
    - No high-levelled Air Defense (anything below Level 7 is not considered high for me)

    Okay, this is one of the most important parts of my guide (besides choosing the 'right' base intelligently):

    - Determine the path(s) of attack with these two primary objectives in mind: (1) Get the resources you want, and (2) At least 1-Star the base (i.e. aim for the weaker portion(s) of the base)
    - Have different strategies against different defenses, fundamentally:
    For Air Defense, Archer Tower, Tesla, X-Bows (Air), Single-Target Inferno Towers - Take these out with quick deployment of multiple balloons/minions
    For Wizard Tower - Use one or two Balloon/Minion to lure the tower's attack, then deploy multiple troops quickly from another angle/position to take it out
    Multi-target Inferno - Take this out with multiple Balloonions (Minions will melt before them)
    - Deployment sequence (Important!):
    (1) Lure Archer Queen and CC Troops out using Minions. If they are un-lureable by Minions, sacrifice one or two Balloons to get deeper to lure them out. Avoid using Barbarians to lure as the Barbarian King and Ground CC Troops could get lured too, wasting time (since CC troops come out from the castle one at a time) and attacks could be wasted on them later on.
    (2) Take out the lured Archer Queen and CC Troops using Barbarians and/or Lightning Spell.
    (3) Deploy minimal Minions to take out outlier buildings (if any) that are out of range of any air defense (helps getting a 50% victory easier, and saves time needing to take out these buildings during the main attack(s))
    (4) Deploy one Minion at your deployment point(s) to lure out any possible Air Bombs.
    (5) Deploy Balloons (number is dependent on the level of defenses etc, based on own's experience) near intended defenses to destroy
    (6) Deploy multiple minions behind the Balloons. The Balloons will act as a shield for the minions while the minions help to take out defenses faster behind them, or do their job of taking the loot. If required (e.g. with Inferno Towers nearby), support them with Rage or Heal Spell(s).
    (6) After the main attack(s), if further cleanup is necessary (i.e. to get 1-Star or to get more resources), deploy your CC Troops (your clan mates' donations are important!) and/or Heroes.

    Okay, so here you go! This is the first part of my TH9/TH10 Balloonion Guide! (I actually still have some more points and tips to share but need to take a rest first). I will try continue with the next part if response to the guide is positive and good. Also, feel free to ask questions and I may include them in the next part.

    Thank you for reading, and hope this guide will help you and make your looting more fun and fruitful!
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    (Reserved for more guides)
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    Dude this looks awesome! Thnx!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivierr28 View Post
    Dude this looks awesome! Thnx!
    You are welcomed, and thank you for your support!
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    Yeah, um maybe it's because you've been gone a year but YouTube is literally flooded now with endless Balloonion TH10 strat channels, hundreds (if not thousands) of recent videos from Champ players showing how it's done.

    Sorry bout that sport, but hey thanks for the effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakoClash View Post
    Yeah, um maybe it's because you've been gone a year but YouTube is literally flooded now with endless Balloonion TH10 strat channels, hundreds (if not thousands) of recent videos from Champ players showing how it's done.

    Sorry bout that sport, but hey thanks for the effort.
    Thanks for the inputs.

    Not everybody goes YouTube or can access the videos (I am one of them during office hours), so I'm just offering another platform for clashers to refer to.

    Also, have been noticing debates about poor loots in CoC in this forum so thought I could help put a stop to that too.
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    Good post ....
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    Nice detailed thread Wavey!
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    I use a very similar technique and sit in C1 or M3/M2. (Once you hit mid M2 you wil notice less potection on gold/elixer).

    Id recommend searching out a thread written by Zach (one of the mods) some really good looning stuff in there.

    One other tip as I see you are farmimg elixer. A whole CC of ground troops (wizzies/archers) can be taken out with one loon. A cheaper option than lightning when elixer is being farmed. Draw them all into a corner so that they are all on one spot then release a loon slightly before them. They will immediately shoot the loon down, it will land on them and the splash will kill all of them.

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    Farming with loons is a great way to play the game.

    Step 1: Get used to the technique by watching YouTube videos or practising in Crystal Leage
    Step 2: Get as high as you're comfortable (either Masters III for a TH10 or if you can stay online between raids the Masters 1 / Champs)
    Step 3: Get rich!

    The higher you can get the better the loot. Here are some screenshots from my raids:

    Looning in Cystal (GOOD):

    Looning in Masters II (BETTER):

    Looning in Champions League (BEST):

    The reason is 95% of players in Masters II or higher have maxed defences/heroes/troops therefore plenty of resources on offer.

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