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    Looking for a clan


    I've just started playing COC two weeks ago and I would like to join a clan.

    At the moment I don't know exactly what to positive and negative effects of being in a clan can be, but I'm willing to learn and find out.

    My current level is: 24
    Cups: 613 (Bronze I)

    I'm from the Netherlands and 36 years old.

    Language spoken on clan forum Dutch or English.

    Please let me know if you'd like to see me in your clan!

    Greetz Huipio

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    Swords of Glory

    Swords of Glory - Recruiting new clanmates

    We are an established, active, international (but English speaking) clan, with a stable leadership and mature, fun, chatty players. Our current membership stands at 35 players. We have players in UK, USA, Middle East and Far East, so there's normally someone on. We have a few under 18s, but the majority of our players are aged 18-40.

    We average silver I league, with players ranging between Gold II and Silver III. Our TH range is currently 5-9 and our total points are 11445.

    We war twice a week and are setting this to a regular schedule; war days are likely to be Saturday and Tuesday. Our highest-ranking clanmates tend to fill the war castles with high level troops to give us a good advantage.

    We value loyalty and generosity, I normally donate around 1000-1200 troops per season and the other co-leaders do similar numbers. I have all L3 troops and I'm around the middle of the pack, but the higher clanmates have L4/5. We encourage our lower players and give advice on bases and attack strategies when asked. Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their base, although we would ask that members protect their town hall as best they can during wars.

    We are currently invite only, with a minimum requirement of 1000 trophies, but if you are keen we can have a look at dropping that temporarily.

    Let me know if you are interested, or if you have any questions.

    Hope to see you soon.


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    Clashing and booming the beaches of Brighton

    Join the regiment

    1100 or more✅have lvl3+ troops and healers✅JOIN THE REGIMENT✅ITS FREE�� we are MULTINATIONAL we are now TROPHIE PUSHING. we are ages 13-30 and all round fun donating ppl. we are about 5 months old and we are all solid members looking for fresh members. i hope to see you there!
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    Check us out

    Hi Huipio

    We are an international (English speaking) and friendly clan. We welcome mature player whether they are beginners or established players.

    We do clan wars two times a week and have just won our 4 out of 6. Obviously it is nice to win, but we are relaxed about the whole thing.

    Hope you will check us out - search Head Hunters with Purple and White badge, Leader is Mac Free

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    Boxhead HTA

    First off, I would like you to present you, the Boxhead HTA. We are an international clan, members coming from countries all around the world. We accept anyone regardless of age, race, townhall level, experience level, base design, league, and level of troops.

    Everyone is required to join, but Silver Division 3 is recommended. Our trophy requirement is 800. To be an elder, you must be on the Silver League. Co-leaders are chosen by Matthew, our clan leader.

    But before you can join, you must meet our requirements. You should be: friendly, active, donative, loyal, responsible and a good member. You should not be: requesting all over again but not even donating a single troop, kicker, asking for promotion, extremely swearing.

    Last off, we start the war twice or thrice a week. We already won 6 wars and I hope, you will join us to make our clan's wins higher than that.

    Our highest members (including me of course) tend to donate high-leveled troops and fill the clan castle. They will ask you what troop/s you want then, they'll give you the troop!

    Check us out! Let me know if you're interested in joining us. Hope to see you soon!

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