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Thread: The Best TH6 Defense Base Ever!

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    The Best TH6 Defense Base Ever!

    The best Town Hall 6 Defense base ever, it is centralized with no weak spots. For farming you could swap the clan castle & air defense for the elixr storages. Also the collectors are spaces out and mixed up so they got a lesser chance of getting more loot. Plus the Archer tower are in a triangle watching 360 degrees and the mortars are just far apart to protect one another and not both get taken out by a lightning. It is also great for Clan wars as well. Thanks and enjoy!

    You can also see it at:
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    Lookin good. I'll probably swap the wizard towers with the cannon or archer in the double compartment to attract giants into the traps. Then the bomb can go between two outer building to frag any small troops.

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    I personally like the mortars in the center but any splash damage like the wizards or mortars are on a great spot. Thanks

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    Looks good! Might try it on my second account!

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    My bad i thought u were talking about swapping the mortars with the wizard tower but yeah that could be an idea too. I use this base and figured I would give it to some people before going to th7.

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    U won't regret trying it, try to stay between silver 1 or 2 though. Don't want to get into gold only being a th6.

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    I see this base alot on my alt.

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    Idk I've never seen anyone with it exactly like mine

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    no. ​ten chars

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    not the best.
    always lose when using this base design

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