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    sounds like a great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by victor View Post

    i'm speaking in terms of high level matchmaking. as you stated, high level players have a hard time finding matches. this is what i meant when i say DEADLOCK. where everyone in my attacking range has a shield, so nobody can attack anyone until someone's shield naturally times out.

    this can be HOURS!!

    why not give us the option to simply drop/remove/cancel our own shield WITHOUT HAVING TO FIND AN ACTUAL MATCH!!! this will 'get the ball rolling' and end hours of deadlock.....
    I feel your pain! We're constantly tweaking the matchmaking to make it better for all of our players. Dropping the shield voluntarily would improve the situation only slightly as majority of people don't want to be attacked (as we can see by the wide spread of use of buying shield with diamonds by the high level players). We'll continue to look in to the possibility of this feature, but for now we're focusing on other possibilities with higher potential positive effect.

    Also keep in mind that the effect of this change is not instant. It will take a bit over week for current shields to run out. Then we should see a lot more targets

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    Unhappy I understand why but...

    It still sucks! I'm a causal player and I just want to complete the single player game and I'm not really interested in joining a clan and as such used my resources to that end with no fear of attack as I have a "shield".

    I think the change you have made will mean the top level player will attack lower level player. I have to say I probably won't play this game again and I think this is not a balanced or well thought out update either for people playing as a single player just wanting to complete that side of the game or for multiple players clans with lower level members.

    I would recommend you go back to the design board and re-think just what it is you're trying to do and who your market is, also be more open and honest about where you're going. If you have the ability to put notices of updates on the message, this was a pretty unique game as there was much out there in the apps world like it so putting hints out there to upcoming updates ideas shouldn't create a problem.

    I hope in the future you'll produce a better thought out app without "the bugs" of this one, what's more I'd be happy to pay for that app as the quality of this app was right up there with the big boys. I wish you all the best for the future.

    a disappointed player of clash of clans

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    Just to keep the balance, I think shield cool down is a good idea as makes it more difficult for the type of play who just wants to buy his way out of competition. Now everyone has to think more. That is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00Delphi View Post
    Just to keep the balance, I think shield cool down is a good idea as makes it more difficult for the type of play who just wants to buy his way out of competition. Now everyone has to think more. That is good.
    PYou must enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game. Yes it makes sense and there is a need for balance, I'm just not sure this address the "balance of power problem".

    I have however sense on the other forums I've been on some creative and imaginative solutions to the "balance of power problem" I myself could think of a few ways to fix it, so you don't need to be a genius to think of ways to fix the problem. I'm sorry but I feel the "people able to buy there way out of trouble" will be worse not better.

    But I'm glad you are still enjoying the game and I wish you good luck in your battles. I'm looking forward to the next game they release with all the experience they have gained from this one.

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