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Thread: TH9 Anti-Hog, Unlureable Clan Castle

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    TH9 Anti-Hog, Unlureable Clan Castle

    Thanks to SaiK for reminding me of naming my base I have decided to call it...

    Kamikaze's Baconmaker
    Or just Baconmaker... but well, having my name next to it looks sexy, doesnt it?

    Now, to the base...

    So, I've been experimenting with some anti-hog designs for a while (some months really). I pretty much ONLY use anti-hog bases as a maxed TH9, because it's easy to defend against giant-healer or BAM with an anti-hog, but not so much to defend from hogs with a regular farming base. All the designs I've used are transformable too, because I needed a base where I could switch the TH in and out for Clan Wars with ease.
    Some weeks ago I decided to go a little higher in trophies to test the base I was using, which I will be featuring in this post, and I had great results with it. The thing about this base, which all the other Anti-Hogs I had used were lacking, is that the Clan Castle is completely unlureable. This means, that not even hogs will be able to trigger my troops out until theyre far into the attack.
    I am at Masters 3 at the moment farming Dark Elixir, and have 16 defenses won. Win/Lose ratio would be like 3/1, as I normally get attacked and 40% and given a shield, or not even get 40%ed so the next guy doesn't face my Clan Castle Troops or most of the traps and beats me.
    Another nice thing an anti-hog should have are double giant bombs between two defenses. The two bombs paired up will leave a group of lvl 5 hogs with a little tiny bar of health, and if placed between a Wizard Tower and some other defense, it will insta-kill them all, turning the attack on a fail.

    Here's the base, notice I have 2 elixir storages in the core, they shouldn't be there, they should be switched with heroes, but as they're both upgrading I decided to kick them out of the core.

    Clan Castle Radius:


    No base is perfect right? But in theory, every base beats every strategy. So here is some proof... Some real proof that this is a good base, but not a perfect one

    I'll show the picture, and then talk about each defense in order from top to bottom.

    1) TH10 Hog army. 4 heals, 1 freeze, both heroes, got no DE or TH.
    2) Balloonions, I had my zbows looking down, probably wouldve been a win if not No TH or DE tho, so not that bad.
    3) Hog+Healers combo, only 3 spells, both heroes, little to none clean-up troops. 30% heheh.

    1) And thats what happens when a TH9 runs into a guy with nice golems and wizzies Raped me.
    2) Regular hog attack. Full army comp, BK, 4 spells. No loot, no shield, no win.
    3) TH9 Balloonions. Used all 4 spells, BK and CC. Didnt get to win, but he took my DE.

    1) 3rd raid of the picture above.
    2) Mass Giant+Wiz combo. 3 spells. Took a 2 star and my DE
    3) Giant Healer. No chance. No DE, no loot, no stars.

    1) TH9, 30 hogs running around the outside, placed heals on giant bombs so they didnt work. 50% but no loot.
    2) 53. Freakin. Hogs. 53. Yeah, 53. 5 spells, NO CLEAN UP TROOPS. Dont know what he was trying to do.
    3) Hogs+Drags. 50% and the drags got some breaths on my DE, sadly.

    1) TH10, Hogs. 3 rages, 2 freeze... No heal spells. Dont recommend this strategy to anyone. Hogs died quickly and xbows took care of all the barbs and archers.
    2) TH9, Hogs and a bunch of wizzies. 4 heal spells. Almost gets that 50%, but nope. No DE either.
    3) 36 balloonns and too little minions behind to poop on stuff. Took out a ton of defenses, but didnt get to the TH or the DE.

    1) Even MORE balloons. Im pretty sure he took out an AD with the 5 hogs on the CC, cant really remember tho. He took out almost the entire core, so his low level heroes were able to sneak in and take my TH.
    2) Hogs+Drags. Used 3 lightning spells to take out an AD in the core, but he couldnt get his drags to deal some damage in the core. A win and a shield for me.
    3) Giant+Hogs combo. Great attacker, but he didnt get the 2 star or the DE.

    1) Hogs. Only 2 spells, so I guess they ran into the double giant bombs and ruined his attack.
    2) Hogs again, huge fail, 23% hahah.
    3) Someone trying to take loot from my mines and pumps... He wasted 2 dragons on some empty

    Farming Version

    Lots of people asked how to make it farming, so here it is

    When farming in gold league, air attacks arent a big problem at all. Most people use farming armies. And what is good against farming armies? Splash damage. So I placed all 3 mortars in the center, kicked those ADs out, and rearranged the core buildings a bit to make it more symmetrical and get the teslas to be protecting the base better.

    The only problem is: I took out 2 defenses and one non defensive building (the TH) from the core, and I replaced it with 3 defenses. Something's wrong right? We have a defense missing in the outter layer So, where one of the mortars was at the top, I placed the Spell Factory. However, by doing this, the hog ring is interrupted, so hogs that go running on the outside to that spot, may or may not continue the ring... They might go running to the core to take out our main defenses. I couldnt find a symmetric solution to this, if you want you can take one of the mortars to the corner, or place a tesla next to the Town Hall, thats something you'll have to decide on your own.

    Note: I havent tested this base, but it should do as nicely as the original version

    If on Crystal 3 or below, I recommend using the farming version, as you'll probably get attacked a lot y farming armies with mass giants, barbs and archers. If on Crystal 2 or above, I recommend using the original version, as you'll start running into hoggers a lot more often.

    Hope I helped someone with a future push with this! Will upload more bases as soon as I stop using this one, if I ever do

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