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Thread: How often do gem boxes spawn

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    I have 3 accounts and zip on all of them so far for gem boxes.

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    On my low level account I have gotten 4 so far. None on my main one :-(

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    Gembox spawn rate

    More then once ive got more then one gembox is the same week, 2days ago i looted a gembox and got one today, the longest i had to wait between the old and new gembox was 2 weeks

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    I've gotten about 5-6 gem boxes.
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    I do not know the rate at which they spawn, but I have gotten at least 10 gem boxes total. No joke. Call me whatever you want. I still do not know why I have gotten so many... but who cares? Free gems.

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    At least you recive 1 gem box per season (1 gem box in 2 weeks) .
    And to recive them you need to have a nearly clean map ( no trees and stones).
    I allways get 1 gem box per season.

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    I've gotten 14, no joke...

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    My friend got 2 in 3 days once

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    Seriously guys? I've received 5 or 6 of them. Im a TH7

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealExie View Post
    My friend got 2 in 3 days once
    I got something like that as well. I think it was in five days or so

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