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Thread: Revenge button

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    Revenge button

    Maybe this is an idea for a slight improvement of the game.

    When you get attacked you are able to take revenge. Most of the time I just ignore it, but sometimes you do feel like taking revenge on the one that destroyed your complete village. The problem is that most of the time or a shield is active or a player is online. So in 19 of the 20 cases, I can't take revenge. Maybe it's an idea to show (or make a list) which of the people you really can attack for revenge? Then I don't have to press every revenge button in the hope someone isn't online or has a shield.

    Sorry, posted it on the wrong place. I opened a new threat in ideas & feature requests
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    Good idea and request. Can be bundled at implementation to see whom from clan is online in clan list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BartWNL View Post
    Sorry, posted it on the wrong place. I opened a new threat in ideas & feature requests
    Sorry, just can't help myself: "new threat in ideas & feature requests". Hilarious

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    Great idea, sir! I find myself facing the same problem,and your solution is nice as it doesnt disbalance the game. At first i thought you'd say something about ignoring shields :x

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    I have also noticed that most of the time when a former attacker is available for revenge, their village has just be trashed by somebody else, so there is little, if anything left, to pillage.

    Nonetheless, this is a very good suggestion.

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    Good idea, I hope they add this.
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