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    Balancing Boom's Loot

    First, check out the patch notes for our upcoming update, which we've decided to call, "A New Hope for Victory Screen Enthusiasts", due to the glorious new victory screen we've added!

    There are many other additions to the art in this patch and several key balance changes - two of which are decreasing the resource reward you get from player bases and slightly decreasing the gold income from freed villages.

    Both of these changes have been made to restore some balance to Boom's Booming economy. We've noticed that there is an awful lot of loot floating about in the game - trust us, there is! This is primarily due to how the "Bonus Loot" system works: Bonus Loot is a baseline amount of loot that you see even if your opponent has diddly squat! It was implemented to ensure you always have something to take away from an attack. The amount is determined by your enemy's defense structure levels and more is added for each extra XP level they have on you. The important thing to note here is that Bonus Loot is created out of thin air - as in it doesn't come from any player's storages! This has resulted in there being an abundance of loot in the game and therefore we're adjusting the system accordingly to restore some of the challenge that has been lost along the way!

    As with any important update that is tied so closely to the core workings of the game, the team will be keeping a very close eye on how this affects things. You're in good hands here, don't worry!

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    Have played bb for a while. Currently going up to hq10, enjoying my warriors attacking power. You say theres too much loot in bb. At first thought i wouldnt say i agree ( it can never be too much loot ) but arter thinking about it, it seems like a fair change to the game. Today i filled up my (yes pretty nooby lol) Wood storages within 30 minutes or so from starting hq upgrade, not too hard!

    Hope the change works out
    Quote Originally Posted by ClanzClasher View Post
    Bought a week shield, exams, about to Finnish @ silver ATM, is their still good loot

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    "I bought a week shield and exams. About to language spoken by people from Finland at silver automated teller machine, is that person's still good loot?

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    Sounds pretty good all round. Not a fan of removing the glowing to say their crystals their in the debris. But otherwise pretty happy. Especially now dr t will be a challenge again.

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    Tim, how much will the decline in loot approximately be in percentage?
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    You have to be careful not to bring the same level of frustration to boom than there is in clash. On this particular change, I do not know how you justify making bad loots even worse, that is decreasing the minimum amount of loot available, considering boom's limited attacking options.
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    You say there is too much loot in the game? :eek::eek:

    I'm HQ 12, level 29 and it's awful. Nothing to loot. Strong opponents without any resources or easy to destroy players with nothing either...
    Ok, sometimes a really strong guy, 5 levels above me and unbeatable has decent loot, more than 100k gold and 75k wood. Great...

    The number of attacks you can make a day is already limited by the MM, resource bases are fun but when you keep fighting against someone for a base you don't produce much, and now you want to decrease loot??

    What the hell? Gotta keep building life statues then... Or stop playing... In CoC you spend most of your time pushing the "Next" button, in BB do we have to spend most of our time waiting for the sawmill to produce wood?
    Where is the fun in that?

    Are we playing the same game? I'm not so sure...

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    Not a fan of the decreasing loot reward idea! I find it quite frustrating as im already getting players on my map with a measly 20k wood available, now your going to decrease it? Yayy now ill have players with little to no wood to offer and added with a horrible MM system. Sounds like a great update! *sarcasm*. I want to upgrade my gunboat for example it costs an expensive amount of wood thus I need good loot available to acquire it, there is no shields plus a limitation on the number of pvp on map. So will i spend hours in a pointless battle getting minimal resources only to risk losing them as i wait for new pvp. Hmmm everything else sounded good but the resource decrease i don't like. Why would any player actually like that update? I think none. Maybe fix the statue bonus instead. Anywayz thats my rant.

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    Are we going to see a corresponding decrease in the escalation of the matchmaking score? Decreased loot will surely bring about higher overall MM scores since people will need to attack more often to get their upgrades.

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    Why does SC not improve defensive buildings or neft warrior smoke
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