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    Why do you only get enough gems to buy the 3rd builders hut for getting to 1250? there r 2 more builders huts to get and no good way to get them other than purchasing the 4th one for $10! Lord knows how much the 5th would cost?! Everything takes FOREVER to upgrade, so imagine playing this game with only 3 builders and everything takes light years. i am level 62 and my base is only about as good as someone around the range of 45-50. All that i want is another cornerstone like getting to 2000 trophies and you get 1000 gems, enough to buy 4th builders hut. Then at 2500 trophies, you get enough gems to buy 5th builders hut. trust me, since all you guys do is look at this from a business aspect, think of how many new customers this would bring in. your profit margin would increase substantially, so why in the hell am i the one thinking of ways to boost ur greedy asses' wallets? if you werent so greedy you mite of thought of this yourself. i imagine ill probably be banned by Supercell for actually thinking of the people. The movie 'The Distinguished Gentlemen' the chairman of Power & Industry is Supercell incarnated. Im just merely the conman gone good.

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    Your just verry impatient and wasted gems at the start. If u dont spend gems on anything besides building huts. AND you save all gems from achievments + removing object, You are able to get third builder hut BEFORE reaching 1250 trophys (so without the bonus). This is fairly easy done in a fair ammount of time. (i got this at lvl 32, 3 weeks playing).

    Then u get the bonus of 450 gems at 1250 trophys. u are up again at 450 gems. Now saving up from 450 till 1000 takes a lot longer, but really is not impossible. ik takes around 4 months (removing bushes, trees etc + some hard achievments), to get the 1000 gems.

    So after playing half a year, u should be able to get the 4th hut (without buying gems). The fifth one seems somewhat impossible. (2000gems).

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