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    Thumbs Up New Update v2.21 for Clash of Clans Available!

    Listen up Chief! We have a smashing new update for Clash of Clans now available in the App Store. There's a bunch of new stuff & fixes in the game, so update now! Also, we introduce a new defense tower - Hidden Tesla. Here's the change log + the video of the Tesla in action:

    ✔ Introducing new shocking defence unit: Hidden Tesla! (unlocks on Town Hall level 7)
    ✔ You can now see traps when visiting own clan members
    ✔ New Visual effects (Dragon Attack, Wizard Tower attack)
    ✔ New decoration flags for: Sweden, China, Norway, Thailand, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan
    ✔ Added FAQ and forums
    ✔ Improved healer AI
    ✔ Spring Trap doesn't affect to P.E.K.K.A anymore and her speed has been increased
    ✔ Building regeneration times decreased
    ✔ Cooldown added to shield buying (can't be shielded all the time anymore)
    ✔ Bug fix: Achievements didn't always get updated to the Game Center

    No go and raid some villages!! See you all in the game.
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    you missed these changes

    • 2 less small bombs
    • 2 less spring traps
    • unlimited elixir bug fixed


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    The update

    I can't get on the game now, said there was an update and my phone has not been able to download the update. Unlike reviews on the app it is there to be updated but cannot be successfully completed... What is going on?

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