I'm AardappelKonijn and I live in Holland. I will try to talk English the best I can but sorry if I've made a mistake

I've got 2 glitches/bugs, maybe one isn't really a glitch/bug but i'll post it anyway.

The first one is on the Goblin Campaign level Megamansion (maybe someone noticed this and already posted this, then sorry) but there is a tree in a gold storage : (I'm a newbie to this forum and uploading a photo failed)

The second one is the one (the one that maybe isn't a glitch or a bug but I think it is) is with the broken clan castle : a friend of me just started playing CoC and when I press on ''Info'' on his broken clan castle I can push the button with ''40000'' but then the button doesn't do anything. Is this button for fun?, or is it a way to help your friend to get the clan castle but it doesn't work?