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    Hay Day Strategy and Money Making Guide

    Hi, this is my guide to making money and doing other arbitrary things in Hay Day. Please enjoy. Special thanks to the Hay Day Guide Book and whoever wrote about Trees and Bushes.

    I'm currently level 57 so if you're lower or higher level you may have to make alterations to use this guide to your advantage. This post was last updated: 01/09/2014.

    Great Guides:

    Guide Book

    Financial Information for Trees
    New People Tips
    Hay Day Wiki/Levels
    Fishing Strategy
    Item Database Spreadsheet
    Yellow Vouchers
    Visitors Event Strategy
    Pets and Animals Guide: Rare Item Drops

    Basic Money Making Principles

    1. Wheating

    Wheating is the process of planting all your fields with wheat and constantly harvesting and selling them to get rare items. It is easily the highest profit and xp in the game. Please note that the profit of wheating is in the rare items and not the wheat. You should simply get rid of the wheat as fast as possible when wheating to gain more profits. If you can't sell your wheat fast enough you might need to expand your RSS, lower the price of your wheat, place more ads, or switch to another crop which you can sell faster like corn. Wheating profit example: 70 fields = 6,000 gold per hour and 2,100 xp per hour.

    2. Trees and Bushes

    All trees and bushes produce 13 fruit. If you have enough trees and bushes, the time it takes for a tree to fruit is completely irrelevent. The only limiting factor of trees and bushes is saws and axes which you can get tons of from wheating. Currently, each saw and axe is worth 500 gold+ to me because I have so many trees and bushes. Trees profit example: 1 Cocoa tree yields 13 fruit worth 1,123. 1 Saw costs 54 max and 1 Cocoa tree costs 550. 1,123 - 604 = 519 Profit per Saw.

    3. Sell in RSS at Max

    Selling anything and everything in your RSS at max price will generally give you the most money in the game. However, you will get no xp for doing this. Additionally, during certain special events it is more profitable to do the event than to sell in the RSS.

    4. Special Events

    During the truck or boat event it is most profitable to do that type of order instead of selling in the RSS. If you know how to play the Little People event properly you can make hundreds of thousands. If you're not sure whether a particular event is profitable, simply search for info on it in these forums. There are also some links in this guide.

    5. Barn, Silo, and Land Expansions

    A larger barn and silo, as well as more land is always profitable in the long run.

    6. When you're too Rich

    At some point you will most likely be too rich. I currently have everything maxed and expanded and I huge surplus of coins. Coins aren't so important to me anymore and it's more about the xp. However, I still find it useful to know how to make a lot of money because nearly all my neighbors need money and I like to give money away and help out. For example: let's say you need some blue sweaters to fill a boat. If you have the coins you can purchase the sweaters and essentially convert money to xp. Hypothetically, if you were insanely rich, money could be completely irrelevant to you; but at that point it's my recommendation to help out new players or give some away.

    Tips and Tricks

    1. Rare Items

    All farms have a rare, medium, and common item in each set of 3 rare items. There is something in the game code to prevent hoarding. If you keep even ratios of these rare items you will find more of what you need. If you hoard a ton of one in the set of three you will find more of that and potentially few of the other two.

    2. Buy Low and Sell High

    This may seem obvious, but if you can produce an item at high profit and buy a cheaper item at a lower cost, why not? For example, corn bread is common in my newspaper and I can make greater profit by producing other items in my bakery. This means I'll almost always buy corn bread when I need it and produce and sell other things in my bakery.

    3. Helping Others

    This game is for fun, you can do whatever you like. I personally like to help out others by producing the items which are less common in the newspaper to sell to friends and strangers. I also only help 1 tree when I find them on a farm so more players can get the thank you notes.

    4. Dairy, Sugar and Jams

    All of these items, especially dairy items are extremely rare due to high demand and their use as so many ingredients in products. I like to carefully manage my resources so I always have a supply of these things. For me, this means ignoring boats, trucks, town people requests, etc. for those extremely rare items. Especially the raw ingredients. Again, you can do whatever you want, this is just what I do to have fun.

    5. Machines and Diamonds

    I like to use diamonds on expanding production slots where I need them and getting more space in my RSS. I find this the most cost effective use of them. I also like to keep most of my machines running 24/7 to maximize profits. I idle some machines like the coffee kiosk and soup kitchen by default. This is because they waste a ton of dairy with little return on your investment.

    6. Ads

    If you put up an ad on a slow seller you can get more exposure to your shop. I.e. greater chance someone will help your boat or buy your other things (usually). Some good dummy ad items are: bacon and eggs, wool products, and popcorn. Another trick is putting up a help flag on just one tree, bush, or crate at a time. The help flags will get more traffic to your RSS.

    7. Cast off Boat

    You can cast off a boat unfilled by using the highlighted 'cast off' button. However, you can only cast off a boat and get a new one in 4 hours if you haven't yet filled any crates or asked for help on any crates.

    8. Little People

    The visitors to your farm will ask for the 2 things you have most of in your barn and silo. They will also ask for anything you have 0 of. For this reason, it's usually wise to hold at least 1 of everything and potentially a lot of what you want to get rid of to sell to them.

    9. Common Items

    Just about everything in the game will sell for max price eventually if you have ads up. If not, Tom or Greg will buy it. That said, sometimes you don't want to wait. It's good to know which items are common, which are very common, and which are rare. Very common items include: wheat, corn, cornbread, eggs, eggs and bacon, popcorn (except butter popcorn), and anything with wool in it. Some people may disagree, but I find it helpful to know.

    10. Money Transfer

    You can transfer money in the game by selling an item such as blue sweaters 10 for one coin (or default) and buying back at max. Rinse and repeat to transfer as much money as you want. It's helpful to have chat and no ads up when doing this.

    11. Multiple Accounts

    If you have an extra device lying around you can create a second or tertiary farm. You would need to create all separate and new accounts or risk deleting your original farm. Please only attempt this at your own risk and discretion. It could potentially violate the terms of use of some associated companies.

    12. Machine Stacking

    If your barn is full, you can stack up extra items on your machines provided you keep your barn full. I believe the maximum number of items you can stack on a machine is 100. For example, if your barn was full, you could keep spending 3 wheat to 'stack up' bread on your bakery. This strategy can be helpful when you want to keep stockpiling good items without using up your barn space.

    Explanation of Guide:

    The below probably looks like gibberish. I'll try to explain what I was doing below.

    *: this means this item is the most profitable per hour.
    +: this means the item is the most profitable per item.
    $: this means the item is profitable, but limited by its ingredient's production time.
    =: this means the item yields the highest xp per hour.
    ^: this means the item yields the highest xp per item.
    X: This item is valuable, but overproduced in the current marketplace. Or, yields a negative profit.

    All values are minus the price of ingredients and done in hours of production.

    All values are also based on player demand, and not Tom and Greg. If you want to sell to Tom and Greg you'll have to recalculate for max sale values.

    Slow/Fast/Medium is the relative speed at which the items sell at that price based on current market valuations (21/06/2014).

    The first number is how many items at what price. The second number is the profit per hour. The third number is profit per item (like overnight or on vacation). The fourth number is xp per hour. Lastly, the fifth number is xp per item.

    Item Values

    Wheat 10 wheat for 1 gold medium profit 30/hr* 1 xp 30 xp/hr Expansion items! (see Wheating link for extra info).

    Corn 72x10 gp slow profit 720/hr 1 xp 12 xp/hr
    Carrot 72x10 medium 420/hr 2 xp 12 xp/hr
    Soybean 108x10 fast 324/hr 2 xp 6 xp/hr
    Sugarcane 144x10 fast 288/hr 3 xp 6 xp/hr
    Indigo 250x10 Slow 125/hr 5 xp/item 2.5 xp/hr
    Cotton 288x10 fast 115.2/hr 6 xp 2.4 xp/hr
    Pumpkin 320x10 slow 107/hr 6 xp 2 xp/hr
    Chili pepper 360x10 medium 90/hr 7 xp 1.75 xp/hr
    Tomato 10x432 medium 72/hr+ 8 xp 1.33 xp/hr
    Strawberry slow 10x504 10 xp 1.66 xp/hr
    Potato 10x360 fast 98.18/hr 7 xp 1.12 xp/hr
    Rice 10x180 fast 225/hr 3 xp 4 xp/hr
    Lettuce 324x10 fast

    Apple 396x10 medium 364/saw 7 xp/fruit 91 xp/tree
    Raspberry 468x10 fast 388/axe 9 xp/fruit 117 xp/bush
    Cherry 648x10 fast 479/saw 13 xp/fruit 169 xp/tree
    Blackberry 828x10 fast 546/axe* 16 xp/fruit 208 xp/bush
    Cocao 829x10 fast 573/saw* 16 xp/fruit 208 xp/tree
    Coffee 648x10 fast 467/axe 12 xp/fruit 156 xp/bush
    Olive 828x10 fast 456.4/saw 17 xp/fruit 221 xp/tree

    Chicken feed 70x10 fast 1 xp 6 xp/hr (no reason, I like chicken feed).
    Cow feed 70x5 fast 2 xp 6 xp/hr
    Pig feed 10x144 fast
    Sheep feed 5x72 fast
    Goat feed 1x14 fast 3 xp

    Popcorn 320x10 fast 40/hr* 20/item 4 xp 8 xp/hr
    Butter popcorn 1x126 fast 34/hr 34/item 15 xp 15 xp/hr=
    Chili popcorn 1x122 Medium 19/hr 38/item 15 xp 7.5 xp/hr
    Chocolate popcorn Medium 1x248 24/hr 72/item+ 29 xp/item 9.66 xp/hr
    Honey popcorn 1x360 25.33/hr 38/item 43 xp 28 xp/hr

    Bread 210x10 fast 216/hr* 18/item 3 xp 36 xp/hr=
    Cornbread 72x1 slow 44/hr 22/item 8 xp 16 xp/hr
    Cookies 100x1 fast 32/hr 32/item 13 xp 13 xp/hr
    Raspberry muffin 1x140 medium 21/hr 28/item 17 xp 12.75 xp/hr
    Blackberry muffin 1x226 fast 93.75/hr 125/item 27 xp 20.25 xp/hr+
    Pizza fast 100/hr 25/item 23 xp 92 xp/hr
    Spicy pizza 1x226 fast 100/hr 25/item 27 xp 108 xp/hr
    Potato bread 1x284 21/hr 28/item 34 xp 42.5 xp/hr
    Frutti de mare pizza 1x403 104/hr 26/item 48 xp 192 xp/hr$

    Cheese 120x1 fast 120/hr+ 15 xp 15 xp/hr
    Cream 50x1 fast 150/hr 6 xp 18 xp/hr (because cream is awesome).
    Butter 80x1 fast 160/hr* 10 xp 20 xp/hr=
    Goat Cheese 1x162 fast? 108/hr 19 xp 12.66 xp/hr

    Pancakes 105x1 fast 42/hr* 21/item 13 xp 26 xp/hr
    Bacon and eggs 200x1 slow to dead 28/hr 28/item 24 xp 24 xp/hr
    Hamburger 1x180 medium 18/hr 38/item 22 xp 11 xp/hr
    Fishburger 1x226 fast 20/hour 40/item 27 xp 13.5 xp/hr+
    Roasted tomatoes 1x118 fast 21.66/hr 32/item 14 xp 9.33 xp/hr
    Roast potato 1x298 fast 28.33/hr 20/item 36 xp 41 xp/hr=
    Fish and Chips 1x244 9.33/hr 28/item 29 xp 19.33 xp/hr
    Lobster Skewer 1x417 39/hr 26/item 50 xp 75 xp/hr

    Brown sugar 30x1 fast 77.5/hr* 4 xp 12 xp/hr=
    White sugar 50x1 fast 60.41/hr 6 xp 9 xp/hr (because white sugar is awesome).
    Syrup 1x90 fast 26.66/hr+ 11 xp 7.33 xp/hr

    Eggs 180x10 slow to dead 54/hr
    Milk 324x10 fast 32/hr* (I like milk, okay?)
    Bacon 50x1 slow to dead 12.5/hr
    Wool 540x10 slow to dead 9/hr
    Fish filet 540x10 fast
    Goat milk 1x64 fast
    Lobster Tail 1x201 fast
    Honeycomb 1x68 fast -56.2/Honeycomb

    Carrot pie 82x1 fast 41/hr 41/item 10 xp 10 xp/hr
    Pumpkin pie 155x1 fast 19.5/hr 39/item 19 xp 9.5 xp/hr
    Bacon pie 219x1 fast 16.33/hr 49/item 26 xp 8.66 xp/hr+
    Apple pie 1x270 fast 17.2/hr 43/item 32 xp 12.8 xp/hr
    Fish pie 1x226 fast 22/hr 44/item 27 xp 13.5 xp/hr+
    Feta Pie 1x223 fast 27.33/hr 41/item 26 xp 17.33 xp/hr
    Casserole 1x367 19.5/hr 39/item 44 xp 22 xp/hr
    Shepherds pie 1x280 18/hr 30/item 34 xp 28.34/hr*=

    Shirt 1x100 fast 1x125 slow 8.5/hr 100/item 18 xp 9 xp/hr
    Blue hat 1x100 slow 21/hr 87.5/item 13 xp 13 xp/hr
    Blue shirt 1x200 slow 14/hr 175/item+ 25 xp 12.5 xp/hr
    Cotton Fabric 1x108 fast 37/hr 21.6/item 13 xp 22 xp/hr*=

    Cotton Shirt 1x241 slow 31.25/hr 25/item 29 x 38.66 xp/hr*
    Wooly Chaps 1x309 slow 26/hr 39/item 37 xp 49.33 xp/hr
    Pink Dress 1x327 slow 17.77/hr 40/item 39 xp 17.33 xp/hr

    Carrot Cake 1x160 fast 24/hr 36/item 20 xp 13.33 xp/hr
    Berry cake 1x250 medium 46/hr 46/item 31 xp 31 xp/hr=
    Cream Cake 1x219 fast 38/hr 114/item 26 xp 8.66 xp/hr+*
    Cheese cake 1x284 fast 16/hr 64/item 34 xp 8.5 xp/hr
    Strawberry Cake 1x316 fast 37.66/hr 113/item 38 xp/item 12.66/hr
    Chocolate Cake 1x320 fast 18/hr 38/item 38 xp 18 xp/hr
    Feta Cake 1x309 19.5/hr 39/item 37 xp 18.5 xp/hr $*
    Honey Apple Cake 57 xp

    Carrot juice 1x46 fast 50/hr* 25/item 6 xp 12 xp/hr=
    Apple juice 1x129 fast 25.5/hr 51/item 15 xp 7.5 xp/hr
    Tomato juice 1x162 fast 22/hr 33/item 19 xp 7.6 xp/hr
    Cherry juice 1x216 fast 35.2/hr 88/item+ 26 xp 10.4 xp/hr
    Berry juice 1x205 fast 25.66/hr 77/item 24 xp 8 xp/hr

    Vannila ice cream
    1x172 fast 20/hr 40/item 20 xp 10 xp/hr*
    Cherry Popsicle 352x1 15.33/hr 46/item 42 xp 14 xp/hr buy
    Strawberry ice cream 1x331 12.25/hr 49/item 40 xp 10 xp/hr+
    Chocolate ice cream 1x342 18.4/hr 46/item 41 xp 16.4 xp/hr=

    Apple Jam 1x219 fast? 17/hr 102/item 26 xp 4.33 xp/hr
    Raspberry jam 1x252 16.28/hr 114/item 30 xp 4.28 xp/hr
    Cherry jam 1x334 20/hr 142/item 40 xp 5.7 xp/hr*=
    Blackberry jam 1x388 17.75/hr 142/item 46 xp 5.75 xp/hr+
    Strawberry Jam 1x270 16/hr 120/item 32 xp 4.26 xp/hr

    Silver bar 1x118 14.75/hr 14 xp 1.75 xp/hr
    Gold bar 1x147 12.25/hr 18 xp 1.5 xp/hr
    Platinum bar 1x176 11/hr 21 xp 1.31 xp/hr
    Refined coal 1x108 13/hr 78/item 13 xp 2.16 xp/hr
    Iron bar 1x129 12.4/hr 87/item 15 xp 2 xp/hr=

    Bracelet 1x424 20.5/hr 41/item 50 xp 25 xp/hr
    Necklace 1x608 16.33/hr 49/item 72 xp 24 xp/hr
    Iron Bracelet 1x658 49.5/hr 66/item xp??+*

    Coffee 1x248 72/hr 6/item 29 xp 348 xp/hr*=
    Latte 1x219 54/hr 9/item 26 xp 156 xp/hr
    Cafe Mocha 1x219 52/hr 13/item 35 xp 140 xp/hr
    Raspberry Mocha 1x259 34/hr 17/item 31 xp 62 xp/hr+
    Hot Chocolate 1x270 -10.8/hr -26/item 32 xp 13.33 xp/hr

    Lobster Soup 1x612 9/hr 45/item 73 xp 14.6 xp/hr+
    Tomato Soup 1x478 21.33/hr 32/item 27 xp 18 xp/hr=*
    Fish Soup 1x298 14/hr 42/item 35 xp 11.66 xp/hr

    Strawberry Candle 1x370 14/hr 28/item 44 xp 22 xp/hr
    Raspberry Candle 1x360 19.42/hr 34/item 43 xp 24.57 xp/hr

    Candy Apple 1x255 18/hr 36/item 31 xp 15.5 xp/hr=
    Toffee 1x176 30/hr 45/item 21 xp 14 xp/hr*
    Chocolate Bar 1x460 5.56/hr 111.3/item 55 xp 2.75 xp/hr
    Lollipop 1x342 7.33/hr 88/item 41 xp 3.41 xp/hr
    Jellybean 1x684 -0.25/hr -6/item xp???

    Soy Sauce 1x154 18/hr 54/item 19 xp 6.33 xp/hr+
    Olive Oil 1x277 36.25/hr 29/item 33 xp 41.25 xp/hr
    Mayonnaise 1x367 72/hr 18/item 44 xp 176 xp/hr$=

    Rice Sushi 1x489 11/hr 11/item 58 xp 58 xp/hr


    Ingredients for all Products List.

    Special thanks to: Tiggerr129 and meonhoc for their help with this guide!

    Thanks for reading. I hope you found this guide helpful/interesting in some way!
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