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    Cool Hay Day Mini-Update - Let There be BUNNIES!!!

    Update: We are back online, so go and get your new Bunny pet NOW!!!


    We are extra EGGcited to announce that after the maintenance, we will unlock the super extra cute new pet: BUNNY!!

    Cost of the Bunnies:
    Green voucher: 24
    Blue voucher: 6
    Purple voucher: 1
    Gold voucher: 0

    The first Bunny unlocks at level 31 along with the Bunny House (20,000 Coins), and the second Bunny unlocks at level 41.

    Other stuff in this mini-update:

    * Special Easter Global Event
    * Profanity filter tweaks
    * Greg’s farm has been updated
    * Global event numbers will now work correctly
    * Server-side fixes

    No need to update anything, as the game will automatically download a small update package after the maintenance mode.

    Have fund and let us know what you think!

    ps. this is not the BIG update you all are waiting for. That one is still in the works.


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    YAY! I am excited!!! Thank you so much Supercell team. You guys rock. Can't wait to buy those lovely bunnies. Hope I have enough blue vouchers as I recently bought my first ever donkey!
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    Awesome how exciting!
    They are adorable
    GC - morganleeh
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    Red face Awesome !

    This is freakin aweseome !!
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    Love the bunnies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post


    Have fund and let us know what you think!

    Would love to, but I'm currently unemployed, so funds are low

    Thanks for the mini-update, hope it'll go smoothly, good luck to your techies !
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    just love this game can't wait to get me a few bunnies keep up the good work x

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    wouldnt you like to know
    We feed em carrots i presume.

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    YAY! Bunnies! nice to see they cost more green vouchers than any other colour and no gold vouchers! Can't wait to get bunnies hehe

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