So I started thinking about this before Clan Wars began and started thinking about it more once Clan Wars has started.

A lot of people had difficulties finding similar clans on the first day. I heard stories of clans searching for hours and not finding anybody. Our clan was lucky, as it only took us about 10 minutes. There are just so many different clans; clans where everyone is a maxed TH10, clans that have TH9s and TH10s, clans with 10 TH3s, 30TH8s, 10TH10s, clans with 5 people of each TH. There really are just an insane number of different combinations of clans and another clan must be found that is quite similar in its entirety. How do you match up some of these clans just just have a huge diversity of Town Halls and village strengths?

I am wondering that maybe a week or even month down the road there will be severe problems with finding similar clans. Once everyone is not as synced up and searching at similar times since this is the first clan war I feel like it will take several hours and possibly even days to get matched up with someone, very similar in strength to your clan and searching at the exact same time.

To fix this SC could of course try to make certain days or times of days that are the only times you could get matched up or possibly have the searching clans function to send out like an invitation to battle with another clan that is not in a war nor searching but without showing the members of the team that has the challenge sent out. Only if this becomes a problem though, as it may just take a few minutes to find a matching clan for the next few months and everything will be fine.

Just something I thought might become an issue. I am curious as to what you all think?