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Thread: David vs Goliath (with video)

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    David vs Goliath (with video)

    Nakama CK and Nakama Union both are on track to win their first wars, and we are having a fun time of it now that CW works for us. It was a rough start, but I am liking it now. Having smart and active members is such a huge thing in CW, so all the work developing our two clans is really paying off.

    In the Nakama CK war we had a fun time watching our lowest level member taking on their highest level member for an epic win. We were trying to get two stars against every base to start with, but we couldn't get two stars on their strongest base. So we needed a win against it yet, and Kiwi stepped up with his alt account to score the huge win. It was fun to watch with a great story to go with it, so I thought I would share it here for others to enjoy. We have seen Kiwi work his magic with balloons many times, but having him at the bottom (of 45) in our clan take on their number 1, and do it without using his cc, using only 3 spells, and not even all of his troops, in our first clan war...

    Watch and enjoy:

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    Best raid i've ever had pleasure to watch! Clan chat went crazy when he obtained this seemingly impossible, huge congrats Kiwi
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    It was a classic job done by our member on his alt TH 9 account. Congrats Kiwi 👍👍👏👏👏👏

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