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    I can't chat when looking at the war map

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biz View Post
    45 vs 45 been going on now since the update finished.
    Searching for an opponent...

    Almost 20 min now.
    If it's continuously searching you're ok. Sneakydave said a match can take 10-60 minutes to find due to the need for another clan similar to yours to be searching, and all the search criteria involved.
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    War spectator

    I closed out the game. Reopened it and it just goes to a war spectator spot that I can't do anything in

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    Same here..,45 vs 45 not finding anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraDragonMaster View Post
    I can't chat when looking at the war map
    Yup this just started as well. Worked for a bit but now nothing.

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    Active War Bugged

    My clan appears to be in a war, there is no ability to search for another war, but one major problem... there are no enemies (or friendlies) on the war map. I understand this is expected as it's the biggest update probably yet, but confusing none the less.

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    same here man
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    We are still searching for 45 vs 45, (48 clan size) but more than the final3 members are showing no 'war shield' next to their rank.

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    im leader of my clan updated the game. guess what it says im not in the clan anymore but when i search it, its still there and when i click join it says im already in the clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calebatiel View Post
    I closed out the game. Reopened it and it just goes to a war spectator spot that I can't do anything in
    It was searching for a 45 vs 45 but insted we are all in war spectator mode , both maps are empty
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