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    matchmaking is broken please help?

    Our clan has been searching for a 15v15 war for the past 5 days! We have restarted the search multiple times daily, roughly every 3-4 hrs. We have gained people and tried 20v20 for two days and now we just made a brand new clan and still no matches! Our highest guy is a new th8 and our lowest guy is almost th6. We are a war clan and cannot war due to this! On all our profiles it does not state that any of us are ineligible for war and yet we continue searching. Also the search restarts are manual, meaning the last day we searched once and it did not stop searching for a full 24 hrs which according to SC the max search time is 3 hrs. So something is definitely wrong! I've contacted SC a day ago and no response yet. If anyone has anything to help with this issue please help! Thank you.

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    New update.

    Since the update. Our current war had 3 hours added onto it. And the countdown clock appears to be frozen. Any ideas at all?

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    Clan war didn't count attack, but took all troops/spells/cc troops

    This has happened after an update before twice. An update occurs in the middle of my clan war, then after the update, this happens. I attack, use everything including troops, spells, cc troops. I got 3 stars. Then when i check the war map, it shows the opposing townall hasnt been attacked, but all my troops are gone as if i did! I spend over 3k de per attack, and it screws my clan for war. Cmon, this is not cool.

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    Thumbs up Don't bump!

    Please do not bump old threads. Please check for a newer thread, and if one does not exist, create a new thread.
    Good luck. I hope my post was helpful. Finally, help the mods and staff: #SaveTheForums

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    Search Problem

    What then? After the New Update ,the five days that the search is in progress! 15 vs 15...... 30 vs 30
    Did not find the opponent
    Please Hellllpppp us..!.!!!!!!
    We wana waaaar :'(

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    Can't attack . village is not available. try again later.....

    We have a war and we can't attack number 9 . It doesn't show any bonus and a message shown says that you can't attack this village ....
    We are going to lose this war because of that...
    We sent a message to supercell and they replied to us . Saying that we have to log out and log in again to avoid this issue. Well , seven of our players did even more than just logging out and in again . They closed the game . They even deleted the game and down lode it again . They left the clan and joined back without any positive result the problem is still there.

    This is not fair at all to lose this war because of stupid message

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    Clan War Glitching

    It is apparent that some clans are using a glitch during Clan Wars. For instance, the first attack on this particular village, the attacker dropped 3 archers directly on top of the 3 large bombs. If this is an ability that you have programmed into the game then it should be shared by all. However, I believe it's not, and therefore should be handled in such a way where those clans participating are no longer able to participate in clan wars. You have brought a great and interesting game to the world, but it can only stay great on a level playing field.

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    Exclamation glitched out of war search

    My game glitched while i was in a war search. now, it doesn't show an active search, and when i try to start a search, it says we are already in war.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flomaster View Post
    My game glitched while i was in a war search. now, it doesn't show an active search, and when i try to start a search, it says we are already in war.
    Please create a new thread. This thread was created 2 years ago and your issue is irrelevant to this thread.

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