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    Clan Wars FEEDBACK here

    April 17th Update:

    DE bug fixed by maintenance break!

    Here are some ideas you guys have suggested that we would like to implement. Please note that we are not confirming the addition of any of these features, but they are currently under consideration. Ideas not on this list can be safely considered "ruled out" for the time being:

    War Base Layout - saved layout separate from actual village
    Dismiss War Base Clan Castle Troops
    Numbers next to bases
    Loot adjustments
    Opt-in/Opt-out of wars
    More War Info
    Claiming Targets

    April 11, update 2:

    There is a new bug we've identified with Dark Elixir war bonus. The winning bonus is rounding down to the nearest 500 (400--> 0, 900 --> 500, 1065 --> 1000) and the losing bonus is rounding down to the nearest 100. This only affects DE.

    There should be some rounding, but this was NOT intended. We will fix this in the next maintenance.

    April 11th

    • Phew - maintenance this morning solved the Scouting button problem, although you still may experience some slowness. The first round of wars is almost coming to an end! Wow... we made it =D
    • Keep us posted about any issues, in particular if your entire clan is getting stuck in spectator mode. Make sure to check stickies before posting to see if your bug has already been reported. Cheers!
    • Base sorting issues were related to the 0 second screen bug as well, so it should be fixed for your next war!
    • Keep an eye out for issues as clans finish their current wars and matchmaking picks up again.

    And finally, thank you for all your help guys! We couldn't have tracked down and patched up these bugs so quickly without your help! Let's see how this next round of matchmaking goes!

    Ya'll are AMAZING


    April 10th, part 2

    Maintenance coming to fix this issue:

    Some clans are getting stuck in the Preparation Day, 0s screen.

    We are actively investigating and some stuck clans should now be starting their War Day. We believe this will sort itself out, but we will keep you guys updated as we make progress.

    April 10:

    Your ideas, our thoughts:

    1. Saved base layouts - Yes!!! We hope to add this in the next update, but as always, no promises!
    2. Lock in or "save war base" button - We had this in a company playable but ruled it out due to the confusion it caused when we were testing it. We hope to add more distinction between your Village and your War Base in a future update, with the focus of resolving the current difficulty in preparing your war base
    3. Showing Donation History - we will not add this. It is not part of the normal clan mode and we feel it is "too hardcore" to be able to track who is donating what. See the next note though
    4. Dump Clan Castle Troops - Yes. It will happen, hopefully next update, but no promises yet.
    5. Claim an opponent on prep day - Great idea, and we talked about adding it initially. We'll see how your guys' war days goes and what the feedback is then. I would mark this in the "maybe to likely" range of requests.

    A note on how ranking is determined for clan war participants v. spectators
    It is both intended and quite common that players with a higher TH are left out of a Clan War. The ranking is not based on TH level, it based on trophy count, and then the level of defenses. Check out the following explanation of how matchmaking should work:
    1. The first x # of players go to matchmaking depending on their trophy amount and the position in the clan For example, in a 10v10 clan war, if one clan has 14 members, the 10 highest trophied members will be the ones to go to war.
    2. Once a match is found, players are sorted on the map from strongest to weakest, in terms of defence power of their base, i.e., defense levels, hero levels, traps, etc.
    3. We do not take TH levels into account. Instead, we only use overall strength of all defence elements in player’s village. For example, a TH8 with higher level defenses than a TH9 will be ranked higher than the TH9 in the war map.
    4. XP has no bearing on the ranking of your war base on the war map

    Updates on common problems and issues
    1. Matchmaking and wait times: This should have improved in this morning's maintenance. We are closely monitoring the queue and will make any improvements in the future as needed.
    2. "Stronger" players being left out of clan wars, placed in spectator mode: Please read our note above on rankings. This should explain why some players are placed in spectator mode despite having a higher TH. in addition, there may have been some server issues that caused some players to show up as less strong than they are. We are investigating any continued occurrences of this.
    3. Unfair/unbalanced matchmaking: We will definitely improve matchmaking going forward to make sure clans are more evenly matched. We started off with the settings being pretty liberal, because we were worried that clans would not be able to find matches initially. This will be constantly improved with every maintenance/update.
    4. Entire Clan Stuck in Spectator Mode: Should be fixed with this morning's maintenance, and avoided going forward by NOT PRESSING THE CANCEL button. Please post in our bugs subforum if your ENTIRE CLAN continues to experience this issue. And please note that this is a different issue than individual members being in spectator mode. Inevitably some members will be left out of the war.
    5. Individuals showing lower War TH/Base levels than regular in village and in Spectator Mode: This is likely due to server overload issues but we will closely monitor this situation. They will have to sit out this first clan war, but we believe the issue will correct itself in the next war. Please keep us posted as we are closely monitoring this one.
    6. Clan Chat Lag: Related to server overload. Should work fine now.
    7. Donation Issues: Also related to server overload.
    8. Completed CC6 appearing as CC5 in War Base: Also related to server overload, but we are monitoring closely.
    9. War Log Button Partially Covers Clan Description Text on iPhone Fixed for the next update
    10. Spell Factory Shows too many spells: Example: - Fortunately this is just a display issue. It counts the troops donate to war base as the amount of spells in the factory in the war base. Funky. Fixed for the next update.

    April 9:

    The most important note of all We are doing to a maintenance tomorrow morning to add more server capacity and fix some stuck clan states. We'll let you guys know when that will happen.

    Note: DO NOT CANCEL MATCHMAKING!!! Matchmaking can take up to 60 minutes. By cancelling matchmaking you will go to the back of the queue, and finding an opponent will take even longer. Keep in mind that you can leave the matchmaking screen, and even log out of the game, while your match is found. You do not need to remain on the matchmaking screen in order to get matched up with another clan.

    Another Note: Matchmaking is taking an average of 5-10 minutes ATM

    Yet Another Note: Clan Chat issues, general lag, and donation issues are known. We believe they are mainly due to server load, and we are actively working to find a solution.

    And Still Yet Another Note: Players have reported multiple instances of the "spectator mode" screen. This should resolve itself and let you return to matchmaking after some time. However, you can speed that process along by having all of your clan members log out of Clash (as in force quit). This should get you out of that screen and ready to go back into matchmaking instead.

    --Original Text After The Break--

    Hold on a second... do you have a question about how Clan Wars works? Go here to get for help: Clan Wars FAQs

    This is the moment we've all been waiting for!!! Clan wars! The biggest update in Clash history is here, and we're looking forward to your feedback. We'll update this post with your suggestions as we go!

    Please post ONLY feedback and suggestions on this thread. We truly appreciate reading thoughtful posts and ideas about how we can improve this epic new feature, so please refrain from posting spam on this thread. Let's give the floor to the most epic feedback ever

    Found a bug with Clan Wars (we hope not)? Head here to report it: Clan Wars Bugs & Problems

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    Amazing! WelDone SuperCell!
    Searches Take A While Tho

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    It looks great! I can't wait to try it.
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    love it!!

    The war icon looks pretty and the new list in the clan description looks sweet! We're starting a war in 10min.

    edit: currently searching for enemy, will report upon success.
    edit2again: over 3hrs still searching 45vs45.. cannot wait
    edit3: we restarted after 3hrs and found a match in 60sec.

    Btw that clan pairing algorithm screwed us hard. Average lvl 86.4 vs our 72.5. Level isn't a huge factor but in this case... their top 15guys have better defenses than our top 5.

    edit4: Here is detailed feedback about our first matchup:

    Go ahead and make fun of me to bother collecting these stats, but out of curiosity I collected all of the th levels, hero levels, wiz tower levels, and air defense levels from all 45 eligible players in King Jeffrey and compared them to Cavebears. I chose wiz towers and air defenses bc they are a good indicator of town strength and progress. Plus they're easy to determine lvl quickly just by looking at them, and are usually setup in easy to notice square/triangle formations. Instead of calculating if one person has 4xlvl6 wiz towers I instead calculated the Total level, so the max total for a th10 wiz/ad would be 32, th9 would be 28, th8 would be 18 and etc.

    Below you'll find the final lines of an excel sheet with the results:
    King Jeffrey is the left group and Cavebears is the right-hand group.

    You'll see our summed BK level is a total of 195 while cavebear totals an impressive 350. Which is 1.79x higher (or 179% higher for those that like %s). Our AQ total is 67 whilst Cavebears have 150. Again, for example of interpretation of my chart it is 2.24x higher than ours. Both their total AD and WizTower levels are over 30% higher level than ours. For comparison, a lvl8 wiz tower is about 30% higher level than a lvl6.

    After the averages and %strength was calculated I went ahead and subtracted their average totals from ours.

    It is Abundantly clear that Town Hall level was the highest priority and by far the most heavily weighted factor for our matchup (About a 1% difference).. still doesn't help when they have more th10s, more th9s and no th7s (like us) when all other stats heavily favor their team. Which isn't true for other matchups supposedly where I read mainly th6s being put against mainly th8s and etc.

    There was a Huge deviation between total hero levels in this matchup. KJ's total heroe levels when BK and AQ are added together is 262. The total BK+AQ hero levels for Cavebears is 500. So you can see they have twice as many levels in a unit that gets Much stronger as the level increases. Lol I mean Our top 3 total hero scores by individual players is 20, 20, and 20 coincidentally. Their top 3 combined levels are 38, 37, and 31. I think we can all agree that high level heroes are the best weapon an offense can have.

    In conclusion, I understand SC has loosened the parameters for matchmaking in these early days. Looking forward to some real matchups in the future.
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    Now that I“m on the first page I can say something interesting... Add me on GC

    Clan Wars is awesome btw!
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    Yes it's out!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarkTheShnark View Post

    I think you shouldn't take into account the level of walls when matching up clans, because it doesn't really make much of a difference
    I thought the guy that was first who left a comment was a pillock. But then a guy who isn't first posts he is and it made me lol and think you're an even bigger pillock.

    edit: you edited your post as I was posting. Kudos.
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    Searching for a clan to war with isn't working. Searches for a minute then it says search failed.

    noticed the link for the bugs thread. Posted there.
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    It would be nice if we could have some sort of "saved" war base so farmers would not have to change their bases around every time a clan war was started. Other than that however so far clan wars is awesome! Great job supercell!

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    First page babe, clan wars are awesome!
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    *Sorry for any typos*

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