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    Quote Originally Posted by Fakhouri View Post
    Am I the only one with a GC friend list that doesn't work?

    Also, is chat lagging for anyone?
    Yeah my chat is lagging like crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iDANglin View Post
    I like how the update looks so far! One very minor issue I've noticed is that the new "War Log" button on the clan page can cover up a small part of the clan description. Doesn't matter much to me but I just thought you all would like to know! Can't wait to try out my clan's first war!
    Ditto, I posted that in the bugs & problems thread.
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    putting it out there as many have done being able to save 2 base and switch from them both would be legendary.

    I know this is picky, but im a perfectionist. In the clan info page the two crossed shield image is blurry, my only quibble.

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    I use my right to remain silent, I would also like to use my phonecall (aka. Need to do my war atck)


    The game, atleast my clan chat and everyone else in the clan, is really laggy after the update! Takes like 10 sec to send msg and they show up in waves! Please take a look at it SC!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex1337 View Post
    So I'm having some problems, recently I've maxed out th1 took a couple of minutes but I'm through. I'm hearing all about these loot problems. Is the loot in th2 good or should I stay th1? Pls help

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    It's broken for us already. We are at war with nobody. It says we are at war, but there is no clan or any players in the war screen. Expecting another maintenance break already..

    It fixed after a while. There are definitely some glitches in the war system already. Guess we'll have to wait and see what exactly they are. We declared war, then canceled it to kick alts, and were not given the chance to restart it. It said we were at war with no one and stayed that way for a good 10 minutes.
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    First 3 pages!

    When visiting a player the info button covers up part of the clan name/player name..
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    Clan chat is broken, being in clan wars queue seems to screw up much stuff.

    Music is not working.

    People in clan have clan wars swords at the left of their name, then sometimes they don't, then they have it back ... what does that mean ?
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    Maybe you all should read the forum before you post that you can't find a match. SuperSteve said it could take up to an hour.

    Now the issue of it saying it found a match and there is no enemy is a problem and the chat is brutally lagging. But my screen definitely looks cleaner. Glad they fixed the line in the wiz tower. It was annoying me.

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    Lagging chat & buggy war.

    First the gem box now the clan war. The level of mess up is too damn high.
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    We got stuck searching for 15 mins and when i cancelled took us to a screen of just our clan and now tells us the war is over but won't let us search again?!

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